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It’s entirely possible for something so seemingly small to help us recognize our transition from childhood to high school. 

The Power of Confidence and Responsbility

Jenna Preston, Assistant Editor in Chief
September 28, 2020
Due to the global health crisis, not only my physical surroundings have changed, but so have my feelings, grades, and social life.

Come on, COVID

Mirabella Gibson, Staff Writer
September 23, 2020
 Tomorrow is Friday, September the eighteenth, and it is the seventh day of the school year that might not be so bad after all.

High Hopes

Tiana Cyrelson, Staff Writer
September 23, 2020
In a race against time, Andrew Shinkle 22 embarks on a journey across his neighborhood.

The Lunchtime Crusade

Andrew Shinkle, Editor-in-Chief
September 22, 2020
Another thing that I had learned was perseverance through tough times; though odds weren’t in my favor, I did those odds a favor.


Robert Meekins, Special to The Voyager
May 28, 2020
The next day I went to the school excited and happy. One of my busmates and classmates, Amisha, asked me in the fourth period, “What’s the matter, Arsh? I have been noticing you since you arrived in the bus. You look happier than before.”

Everything happens for a reason

Arshpreet Kaur, Special to The Voyager
May 28, 2020
As much as I always said I hated school, I miss the scheduled life. As I sit on my couch, a couch I put in my room just because of quarantine since I was tired of my bed, I wish for normal life again.

My Life in Quarantine

Lauren Brandt, Special to The Voyager
May 20, 2020
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