Speaking With Steve: A Tale Of Two Kitties

Stray cats like Steve and Slim Shady deserve loving homes, so if you find a stray cat in your area and you have the means, take it to a local shelter!


Supplied by @ehsstraycats on Instagram

Steve and Slim Shady lounging and social distancing in the Senior Courtyard.

 While walking around Eastern, you may see Eastern’s favorite friendly feline Steve in the senior courtyard. This little orange fur ball has developed quite the following, with the Instagram account @ehsstraycats having a total of 182 followers. But you may be wondering, why is this account named @ehsstraycats instead of @ehsstraycat? Isn’t Steve Eastern’s one and only stray cat?

   It has been recently discovered that Eastern has not one, not two, but five stray cats! However, only 2 were willing to interview with the Voyager’s certified animal whisperer, Kaitlin Swift. 

   The Voyager staff is pleased to announce the name of the second Eastern stray cat! Steve’s new feline friend’s name is *drumroll please* SLIM SHADY!!! 

   Slim Shady is a white and gray striped cat, as well as an avid Eminem stan. He says he is unfortunately not the real Slim Shady, and will be sitting down instead of standing up. He is very tired.

    Slim Shady uses he/him pronouns and his Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw. He is a Libra and has an ESFJ personality type.

   When asked if there is a rivalry between him and Eastern’s newfound furry friend Slim Shady, Steve was happy to say that he and Slim Shady get along well, and that there will not be a desert shootout between the two cats. However, they may have a friendly race on Eastern’s track to determine who is truly the best stray cat, just for kits and giggles.

   Steve and Slim Shady’s favorite nap spot is the senior courtyard. They enjoy napping near the patio, and hearing the hustle and bustle of Eastern students walking to their classes.

   When asked if they saw Legally Blonde during its run at Eastern, Steve and Slim Shady were happy to say that they got to see an exclusive cat friendly showing. They were impressed with the work of the cast and crew of Legally Blonde, and wanted to congratulate everyone involved on a great show! However, their one critique was that it needed more cats.

   While Eastern’s favorite friendly felines will not be accompanying Eastern’s seniors on their trip to Disney World, they wanted to encourage them all to have the time of their lives. You only get one senior year, so make the most out of it!

   Steve and Slim Shady also discussed the geese who have been seen around Eastern. They both coexist with the geese, and said that the geese are quite friendly until provoked. Steve and Slim Shady wanted to advise Eastern students to respect the geese and to feed them healthy foods such as oats, birdseed, and diced grapes.

   Steve and Slim Shady do get food from some of Eastern’s staff, and wanted to encourage students to, if they want to feed Eastern’s friendly felines, feed them cat-safe foods. Chicken nuggets, while appearing to be safe for cats to eat, have a very unhealthy outer shell that can be harmful to cats and cause them to get incurable diseases. So, if you would like to feed the cats, feed them cat-safe foods such as cooked beef, chicken, or small amounts of deli meats.

   Stray cats like Steve and Slim Shady deserve loving homes, so if you find a stray cat in your area and you have the means, take it to a local shelter! Shelters nearby include the AWA and the Voorhees Animal Orphanage.

   Steve and Slim Shady love answering questions from fans, so if you have any questions for our favorite furry felines, please fill out our Google Form. In our next edition, we will be introducing Eastern’s third stray cat! Thank you for reading our second edition of Speaking With Steve!