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Flowing Forward: New Jersey's Progressive Move Towards Free Menstrual Products in Schools
Nana Asare, Staff Reporter • January 30, 2024

   Each month, women across the globe prepare for the arrival of their menstrual cycle. One of the many, many inconveniences of periods is...

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Praying is typical during Eid.
Janah Hassan, Creative Writing Editor • June 6, 2024

Eid-ul-adha is the second Eid in islam. This year, it falls on June 15th, which I personally enjoy because I get to celebrate the holiday when...

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With technologys presence in the classroom becoming more frequent, students are becoming more easily distracted.
The Biggest Issue in School
Tadhg Beale, Entertainment Editor • June 6, 2024

The more technology advances, the more it is implemented into everyday life. Every industry now uses technology as a means to cut costs and make production easier. And for...

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Season 11 was by far one of my favorite seasons with the return of some familiar and new celebrities.
Masked Singer Season 11 Review
Alana Weil, Staff Reporter • June 6, 2024

 Hey everyone! Welcome back to another review, where we will be talking about the new season of Masked Singer: Season 11. Season 11 was by far...

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