Helping Coptic orphans with Isshak


Since 1988, an award-winning international Christian development organization called Coptic Orphans has touched the lives of over 45,000 children by working with volunteer networks and donations. It has transformed local communities into more sustainable places to live for children with no families or those who only have a mother.

  The word “coptic” means Egyptian-Christian and, although Coptic Orphans are centered inside Egypt, offices are also located in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The organization focuses on children that are suffering from poverty and social injustice.

  In European countries such as Egypt, the policy of adoption and views on orphans are very different from the views of the United States. Europeans neglect orphans and basically ban adoption altogether. In European countries, single mothers with children can no longer get remarried, so they are stuck being financially unstable to support their growing children.

  There are a few different ways sponsors can help these orphans. Sponsors can invite their families, friends, and coworkers to plan events in their home or community. They can donate party gifts and volunteer at offices locally. Sponsors have the ability to sponsor a child in the orphanage. By doing this, their child can receive regular visits by a trained, church-based volunteer who serves as their mentor, can access literacy tutoring and life-skills workshops, and receive food, clothing, shelter, and school supplies. By helping these children, it brings out brings out their talents and enables them to break the cycle of poverty.

  “No one thinks about these orphans,” says Mr. Isshak. “I believe that if you care for these orphans, maybe the idea of helping other orphans will spread onto their generations.”

  Mr. Isshak has been donating to this orphanage personally for a few years. Last year he started encouraging and challenging his students to help the cause. Isshak reported that he would double student donations. Last year, the orphanage reached out to him and thanked him and his students for greatly impacting two families in the orphanage.

  One family needed to finish renovations to their second floor because their sons were not able to have a place to study. The walls of the house needed to be concreted and electrical connections needed to be installed. Four doors and four windows needed to be installed.

With the help of Mr. Isshak and his students, the family could carry on with their improvements.

 “Thank God. Now we moved to the upper floor where there isn’t the same humidity. It is more spacious and more suitable for studying our lessons,” said their son with excitement.

  The second family needed to renovate the bathroom, kitchen, and other parts of their house. Once again with the help of  Mr. Isshak and his students, the family was able to construct a new bathroom, install plumbing connections, renovate the septic tank, install a chinaware set with its accessories. The family also installed a kitchen sink, concrete walls, flooring and wall ceramic tiles. The entire house has an electric system, wooden doors, windows, and a wooden roof. It is much cleaner and the family was so happy. Most enthusiastic was their eldest son, who is no longer embarrassed to have his friends come to the  house.

  Mr. Isshak is collecting donations year round and encourages all students to donate, especially in this season of giving.

  “You have to remember those that are forgotten,” concludes Mr. Isshak.