Creativity in a Concrete World

Concrete does not mix well with creativity. Neither does man when logic overrides their fundamental foundation for judging the creative. Success does not derive just from doing what is necessary; creativity is what has helped the world flourish and evolve.  

  Creativity is quintessential for life. So long as you breathe, there is potential to be creative. The evolution of mankind has been prioritized by the inventions created, but when surrounded by millions of these inventions, our creative eyes can become blind to creativity. For some, the death of creativity is not solely based on the inventions from others, but the lack of exercise we allow our creativity to work.

  According to Will Burns on the theory of creativity, “…I believe our creative force is naturally subdued by the logic force. Logic doesn’t want anything new. It wants understanding. But the creative force threatens our logic force by questioning everything we think we understand. It’s a battle that the logic force unfortunately usually wins.” His solution to being more creative? Daydreaming, freestyle rapping, and even listening to coffee shop noises.

  It can be assumed that we lose our creativity growing into adulthood, but according to science conducted on creativity, U.C. Berkeley says that “we are all wired to create.”

  Perhaps this could be true, but I also believe it is a choice to be creative. In a world seemingly built on equations and principles, it can be daunting to counterattack these widely accepted views. But creativity is not just limited to creating new theories for humans to ponder. Rather, it is the foundation of originality.

  At the end of the day, I am reminded that everyone is unique in their own way. It is from our wide range of perspectives and educational influences that most view the world differently from others which has helped shape our world. Without the creative thinkers of our generation, we most likely would not be where we are today.