Venue size prohibits dates from other schools


Nancy Bowne

Last year's sophomores enjoy the cotillion.

School dances grow in maturity: homecoming, cotillion, junior prom, senior prom. School dances also mature

from venue, to dresses, to dates.

  Dancing next to friends is an ideal night to most high schoolers. But what if that ideal date is from another school? To sophomores, an escort from another school is no longer possible.

   As of the 2019 school year, a new policy has been initiated to the sophomore cotillion—students are not permitted to take students that do not attend Eastern to the dance. This news shocked and disappointed many students. It’s the first year that the policy is being enforced.

   Mr. Lindenhofen, the class advisor for the class of 2021, explained why the policy was implemented. It’s a matter of numbers. “The sophomore class is large,” he said. “The venue is small. Therefore, to limit number of students who are there, it’s Eastern only.”

   Most of the sophomores said that they think the rule is unfair. Some will just go alone.

   Isabella Pavlides ‘21 was frustrated. “It makes me not even want to go,” she said, “because it’s not going to be fun when I go by myself.”

   Other students, including class officers, agreed that it’s unfair.

   Everett Guermont, 2021 class president of the school year 2018-2019, understands why it’s necessary, but proposed another solution: “I think a ‘first-come first-served’ approach where Eastern students have priority over non-Eastern students could have worked,” he said.

  However, he still feels that it will be a great night and memory for everyone there.

  Class historian, Eddie Wu, said that the cotillion should be the time of our lives. The rule shouldn’t impact that. He feels that students shouldn’t let this get in their way from enjoying their time on the dance floor surrounded by their fellow peers.

    Other students felt the policy would help to center the focus of cotillion around friends and our class of 2021.

   Ruolan Crocetti ‘21 said she doesn’t see anything wrong with the policy. “The cotillion should be a time to be with friends,” she said, “and if you’re that upset about not being able to bring someone from another school, that should say a lot more about your personality than anything else in my opinion.”

   Since it is supposed to be less formal than a prom, the sophomore cotillion is more focused on the group of students. Many see it as a “sophomore prom,” but it’s centered around having a good time and spending less money than a typical prom.

    Overcrowding at the venue has been a problem. Secretary of the sophomore class Sean Smith said he thinks it’s beneficial to our class because over the last few years the venue was becoming overcrowded. “It was decreasing mobility,” he said, “and a fun atmosphere for the dance, so this will help make cotillion more enjoyable.”

    A bigger venue would increase the price. Right now, the cotillion costs $60. Some have even floated the idea of  having the cotillion in the gym, like area schools. Cotillion is more casual than the “proms,” which is why it is at a smaller venue of Paris Caterers.

    Hopefully, the cotillion will still be a great time for everyone. For those who are upset, it will give them a reason to look forward to the junior and senior prom even more.