Humans of Eastern: Hunter McCall

"Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” -Mark Twain.


Hunter McCall is a junior, he lives in Berlin, NJ with two siblings and his parents.

He is currently enrolled in Honors Spanish III, English III, Marketing, History, and Accelerated Modern American Issues, Algebra II, and Physics. He has recently joined History Honor Society and Deca. Berlin Community School prepared him very well for high school “7th grade was the first grade where I realized I actually had to put effort forward. The work my teachers gave me from 7th and 8th grade helped me learn studying techniques like quizlet to help myself at Eastern.” He said to be apart of such a high level honor that many people are not in History Honor Society he said that he felt very relieved and accomplished that he made it to Hisotry Honor Society. It just motivated him to do better in history.

    Taking all of those honors classes may make one feel a bit pressured and worried, but Hunter feel that’s applying pressure to himself won’t help him. It will just over stress him, even though sometimes you can really feel the pressure build up. He is actually taking all these classes to set himself up for the University of Miami.

        He recently visited Miami. He just loved everything about it. Miami was brought to his attention by his favorite basketball player Dwayne Wade. He played for the Miami Heat for most of his career. Dwyane Wade is considered one of his idols. He loves the way Dwayne uses his high level platform to bring up issues that are bigger than just basketball.

      Miami is completely different than Philadelphia.  Philadelphia has a more of “screw you if you don’t like us” type of place but Miami was more energetic and welcoming. Every team that plays down in Miami his dad’s the one bringing his love to Miami and spreading it to McCall, though he is Los Angeles Angels fan and a Philadelphia Flyers fan he does show a difference in teams.

         his brother Spencer and his sister Brooke. He says he tries to give them to blueprint ether it being school wise or even having to deal with his parents. Although saying his parents really guided him through school to begin with and have really helped him out to be where he is now.

        McCall actually ended it off with his favorite quote “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” -Mark Twain. McCall is a very talented kid with a lot of upside heading into the future.