With “passion and promise”

Mr. Cloutier talks about his new role as superintedent of Eastern.

Mr. Coutier talks with Jake Fritz and Emma Bitar about his career in education and his vision for Eastern.

As the new superintendent of Eastern Regional, Mr. Robert Cloutier takes on the responsibilities with promise and passion.

  Cloutier began his educational career as a history teacher. He gradually climbed the pole of administrative rank along the way. A college history buff, he earned his undergraduate in history education.

  He received his first teaching experience in the 90’s at a small middle school in Pennsylvania, and later became an AP US History I teacher at Cherry Hill West. This was his first introduction to the South Jersey area.

  From Supervisor of Teaching and Learning/Director of Curriculum to Superintendent, Cloutier made a name for himself in the Eastern Camden County Regional School District. Since his start in the Eastern community, Cloutier has worked alongside familiar faces such as Dr. Tull, Mr. Hill, and Dr. Borda.

  It comes as no surprise that Eastern is regarded as one of the most highly respected school districts in New Jersey. “One of the things that is special about Eastern is the sustainability of the district” said Cloutier. He intends on maintaining these special aspects of the Eastern community, as well as implementing a 2020 take, on 2020 issues.

  “The vision statement has been the same vision statement since the 90’s, in fact, it has been the same vision statement since before Dr. Melleby was there,” he stressed.

   It’s time for a change of these new world issues, right? Physical changes like the blue “Panic Buttons” have been made, however, Cloutier’s most prominent shifts lie in the new attention to the social-emotional aspect of the student body.

  With anxiety rates skyrocketing, a new therapy dog program is in the works at Eastern. A local K-9 response team is being tested with the freshman studies program. “It’s one of those things that we’ve been talking about, we have been planning, and now it’s time to really bring it into fruition.”

  Cloutier hopes Eastern’s new anxiety reducing techniques will reduce stress in the student body. With a little help from everyone as a community, we can help fulfill Cloutier’s vision by making Eastern feel as safe as possible again.