A Review of Junior Year…

  This is my year so far, in my perspective. Of course in high school there are lots of ups and downs. Everyone is just trying their best to make it through with good grades in hope of going to a stellar college. Finally almost done with school, you would like to think, yet you are so wrong, depending on what your future holds. Now you have to start thinking about colleges that you like and if they have your major and party scene, academics.

  Summer is coming to a close and the air is getting a peppermint chill to it. The leaves are falling, changing colors faster than a chameleon. Assignments are due and grades are getting put in the grade book. Students are stressing but also having a lot of fun and enjoying the little time that’s left in highschool. 

  Parties, people, sports, and assignments is what’s on my mind constantly, yet my only problem, I can’t focus on any of it. I constantly struggle with trying to get things done when I know I can do it. It just may seem more boring and uninteresting for me so I start to care less about my performance in school. Many people are very uptight about their grades, how their teachers view them and their parents.

  Now a days kids have to stress about trying to get everything done starting with homework and projects from school then eventually working its way to their home with chores and sports. Drama can take over your life, even if you don’t do anything to provoke it. And boys, stay far away from boys, they get you in trouble, no matter how good you think they are. 

  Your friends and family hopefully can help you throughout your highschool years, because at times it can truly become quite over bearing even if you are the best at controlling things when everything starts going crazy. Social media can either have a good or bad effect on you, and that’s another thing that kids now have to worry about. Debating whether or not they want to post something, overthinking if their legs look too big or if their hand isn’t in the right position. 

  It is crucially important to remember who you are and to stay in touch with yourself not letting the effects of society contradict your opinions on something. Taking an extra couple minutes in the morning to just sit in your bed and take a few deep breaths, preparing yourself for the day which is to come. Opening the windows, doing yoga, or working out can boost your mood and energy so that you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

  Everything in highschool can honestly be extremely stressful, but there are ways that you can manage it and make your day or even possibly the rest of your life a lot less stressful. Instead of going on your phone, talk to some friends ask them how their day is going. If you both are feeling overwhelmed with school, you can bond over that and just might find a solution to the problem that you are both having. Highschool doesn’t have to be bad when you think about it, it can be filled with amazing memories and funny stories. All you have to do is try and manage your workload and emotions as best you can.