Spirit Week Tug-of-War 2019: The Freshmen Triumph

  Gym 4 roared with excitement as the freshman class faced off against the powerful senior class in the tug-of-war finals. The giddy, blue-shirted freshman jumped up and down. About 50 students in the senior class hovered around the handful of their fellow class members who were participating in the competition. 

  In the preliminary rounds, the Seniors quickly took down the Sophomores, while the Freshmen endured a hard-fought 3 minute battle with the Juniors, in what seemed like an eternity. The stage was set: the Class of 2020 vs. Class of 2023. David vs. Goliath. Never before had the Freshmen been crowned Spirit Week tug-of-war champions. 

  The buzz could be felt in the air as both teams stepped up to the beige colored, worn out rope, with crucial Spirit Week points on the line. 3 burly members of each class went on each side of the rope. Both teams included 3 girls and 3 boys apiece. Mr. Colton, the MC for the event, shouted ”go!” into the microphone. The tug-of-war championship was underway. 

  The Seniors and Freshmen were deadlocked for the first 45 seconds or so, until the Freshmen broke through, taking control, as the screaming students got increasingly louder as momentum shifted towards the Freshmen. The Seniors did not give up easily, taking back control for a brief time. The two classes went back and forth for another 30 seconds, until all but one member of the Senior Class lost their footing and fell down. It looked like the Freshmen had all but locked up the victory, but mighty anchor Matt Levinson would not let his Senior class go down without a fight. 

  Levinson was able to miraculously hold his own ground against 6 Freshmen (!) for about 10 seconds, while the other Seniors were still on the ground, holding onto the rope for dear life. The Freshmen gave one final pull, and within seconds, the Freshmen were declared the winners.

  Absolute pandemonium ensued, as the Freshmen went berserk, while the Seniors looked on with disbelief, hands on their heads, trying to process the shocking event that had just unfolded. Mr. Colton’s voice was heard through the microphone, “and the Freshmen win the tug-of-war for the first time ever! In the entire history of Spirit Week, this has never been done before!” 

  This Spirit Week was sure to go down as one of the best in recent memory, with a tug-of-war result not even the Freshmen could have predicted. The tug-of-war competition showed everyone that anything can happen during Spirit Week, as the Freshmen might have even bigger tricks up their sleeve by the end of the week.