The Cotillion helps to alleviate the stress of sophomore year

Let’s be honest.

  Sophomore year is tough; overbearing school work. Sometimes, heavy anxiety looms over the shoulders of sophomores.

  However, one night that all sophomores can count on to have fun is Sophomore Cotillion.

  Why is cotillion such a big deal? Well, one could say that it’s because the sophomores view it as their own mini-prom. Accompanied with long, formal dresses, corsages, and a location at Paris Caterers, the sophomores had everything to make their night memorable.

   The actual concept of cotillion originated in 18th century France and England, where it was actually the predecessor of square dancing. Its purpose was to teach proper etiquette and social skills to teenagers through dinner dances in the end.

   In a sense, that concept of socializing and etiquette still holds true today, with sophomore cotillion being a rather formal dance than a crazy party.

   The sophomore girls were particularly excited for this night, as they browsed over all of the possible dresses they could wear for the big night. Finding the perfect dress is of the utmost importance for a night of socializing with friends. The dresses varied in colors and sizes, with the long skirts drifting along the floor.

   However, many students chose to not attend the school dance for various reasons. The entrance fee for cotillion is $50 per person, and some feel that is too much for a dance.

Another plausible reason is that the formal dresses and suits simply cost too much. A formal dress or suit for cotillion would cost somewhere between $50-$500, if not more. And to add more to the budget, heels also aren’t cheap, with the prices soaring from around $30-$500, or more. In short, sophomore guys and girls can spare no expense when it comes to a formal.

  Sophomore Sharon Chen didn’t attend the dance. “Buying everything we needed for the cotillion was too expensive,” she said. “Plus getting ready for it was too stressful.”

Many can understand her point of view. While the cotillion can be exciting and eccentric for most teens, many people still find these big social events stressful. Someone with social anxiety could potentially view getting ready for this big night as scary.

   On the plus side, many people still find sophomore cotillion to be very enjoyable. The spacious room at Paris Caterer’s was filled with tables and chairs while people were just lounging around. Some were eating and talking, dancing in the open space, or just taking pictures that they can post on social media later.

   Music was blasting from the speakers, and a wide dance floor was laid out aside from the almost endless sight of white, circular tables.

   Olivia Steinberg loved the cotillion. “Cotillion is a night where I can dress up and spend time with my friends,” she said. “You don’t need a date to go, I just go to have fun.”

  A misconception is that a “date” is needed. This is completely false. Students prioritize having fun over these social norms, and end up having a great time at cotillion.

   While the cotillion might be over for the class of 2022, a whole new party will be waiting for the class of 2023.