Bored at home? Here are some fun things to do!


Mr. Bowne

  Broadcasts largely focus on the “how” and “what” aspect of each issue, and articles add the “why” to the mix. 

So here I am, lying flat on my bed, with nothing but the sound of yet another TV show filling the expanses of my room. Who thought being forced to rest at home would end up in me wanting to break something out of boredom. As a student, this unexpected break was well-needed for my test-exhausted brain. But as a 16 year old teenager, this past week has just been the tiniest bit suffocating, even for an introvert like me.

   Wake up at 8 a.m, remote schooling until 12 p.m, eat lunch, do some homework and maybe some favorite hobbies for the next 6 hours, and that takes us to dinner. After dinner, comes more homework, some light reading here and there, and finishing up the day with a good episode of your favorite Netflix show. 

   And for the next 5 days, just repeat the whole process.

However, in case you feel ever so inclined to make your day slightly more productive during this time of quarantine, I have a few tips to share. 

   First tip: have a mini photo shoot of yourself, or your siblings! If you ever feel like you’re having a particularly good hair day, or just have the perfect outfit in mind, set up a little photo shoot to boost your self confidence. Find some good lighting, some fun props, and set up a cute aesthetic for your photos.

   And for the second tip, this will probably be the most appealing to artistic people, or anyone for that matter. Decorate your room with some of your favorite things! Whether that be posters of your favorite music artist, or Polaroid memories of you and your friends, they all bring some light into your room. 

   Or if you’re feeling extra artistic today, paint a little mural on your wall! Adding your own touch of personality to your room can be all the more fun. 

   Third tip: learn a new recipe to bake! There’s really no downside to baking; the process can be therapeutic, and you earn a tasty prize at the end. There are plenty of easy recipes to learn from on the internet or YouTube. Learning a new beneficial life skill during this time could come in handy in the future!

   This final tip could apply to anyone: going on a nature walk around your neighborhood, with your family or a dog if you have one. Spring has come, and honestly it’s pretty beautiful outside, with the bright pink and white flowers adorning the trees. Why not take this opportunity, and go for a refreshing walk outside?

   Going back to the first tip, you can even use the flowers and nature as your photo aesthetic. Nothing beats Mother Nature herself.

   If you’re ever bored at home, try any of these tips to maybe cheer yourself up! Social distancing has just begun, and it will probably drag on to further months ahead. But if you’re tired of just laying around and watching TV all day, these activities might make your day seem brighter.