Come on, COVID

  Spending seven long hours at school is adequate to manage, but transitioning those hours to staring at a computer screen all day is quite the challenge. Before the coronavirus, my schedule consisted of going to school, having a blast in after school activities, coming home, gradually doing homework, then of course, Netflix. Due to the global health crisis, not only my physical surroundings have changed, but so have my feelings, grades, and social life.

   I’m not the type of person to be the typical “house cat”, or an introvert. Leading the path for myself and others is more of my cup of tea, from exploring new places, meeting up with family, and eating in cool restaurants. Transitioning from a “free homework pass” middle school to high school with strict turn in dates hasn’t been tough, but has given me a push on the swing set to get in the groove of things. Focusing on my teachers, they’re more accepting of the first or even second week of school, and they’re even the best with teaching, but there’s something about being at home 24/7 that’s a bit frustrating. Furthermore, concentration is difficult due to the urgency to grab my hidden phone, and the more freedoms to come. 

   “Just close your eyes, a quick nap won’t hurt”, the voice inside me screams 2 minutes before Zoom starts. With comfy sweatpants on, and snuggling sweaters locked and loaded, that dose of coffee in the mornings don’t seem to hit right away. I find that the long hours of watching “The Office” after the class meetings end keep me awake, while my computer screen is left in sleep mode. 

   Academics are exceptional, my favorite and most awakening subject being history and journalism. Based on other opinions from students, the last classes of the day are terrible. It’s almost as if some teachers are purposefully drawing out conversations to the fullest capacity to taunt drooping eyelids. 

   On a more positive note, I have extra time to myself to complete daily chores and tasks, whether it’s from spending time with my dog, or dusting off my empty planner. No need to worry about exercising, for chasing my 12 week old puppy around is enough.

   By the time COVID-19 is over with it’s infectious personality, I’ve most likely gained the skills of the famous Albert Einstein.