A tale of a boy and his laptop


 I’ve never spent more time with a laptop computer in my life. In fact, I’ve never been a big laptop guy. Okay, when I was younger I used my old computer to play Webkinz or Club Penguin but I never used my computer religiously.

  Until this year’s online learning began.

  Last year, none of my classes had Zoom. The classes were pretty straightforward. The teacher would give us an assignment and tell us it was due at the end of the day. So, of course I would complete the assignment at night and sleep the day away for school after checking in for attendance. Not to boast, but even sleeping through most of my classes boosted my grades up since I eventually did the assigned class work.

  It was evident that had to change so this year, the new bohameth app of all technology, Zoom, was required for every teacher to use for the 2020-2021 school year.

  To be honest, there really isn’t anything unique about using Zoom. Sure, instead of walking to your classes and actually interacting face to face with other teenagers you’re secluded in your houses with zero social interaction. But besides that, it ends up being what it truly is: Online school.

  Really, there’s nothing wrong with online school. You still have your teacher taking you through the notes. You still have students asking questions. You still have the annoying attendance policy.

  My own Zoom experience has been uneventful. The only exciting event to happen was my teacher’s screens freezing on their computer so they had to switch devices. Yeah, it’s been that thrilling.

  I believe Eastern is doing the best that they can during this unprecedented time. I mean, imagine you had to help run a school that couldn’t even meet in person everyday. For what they have been given, Eastern has improved a lot with their virtual learning from last year.

  Having my senior year impacted immensely by this virus blows but can also have its benefits. To be frank, however, I am not too concerned about the first half of the year. Honestly, I kind of like just rolling out of bed ten minutes before the first class starts as opposed to waking up an hour before and having to drive over to school. I also have the opportunity to drive to eat lunch somewhere when I have study hall or lunch, something that I don’t think is allowed anymore for seniors if in person school was in session.

  On the other hand, I would rather not have senior prom and graduation on Zoom. I have hope that COVID will help get better and that a cure will be found by the time graduation rolls around but right now, the days ahead don’t look so good.