Smart Everything!

A Series of Tweets about Technology (on Twitter) 

Whoever said that children should only get 2 hours of screen time in a day is probably celebrating that this pandemic has put screens in front of everyone’s eyes for over eight hours a day. (1/15) 

Every morning I wake up twenty minutes before school and then jump on five long zoom calls before lunch and one after lunch. After six hours of Zoom calls, I get the great opportunity to do about five hours of homework that my teachers have been gracious enough to give me. (2/15) 

At the end of the day, my eyes feel amazing and my neck doesn’t hurt one bit from staring at a screen for 11 hours in a day. I feel blessed to be able to sit in front of a screen for so long and not get any real human interaction. Who doesn’t love that? (3/15) 

I love how inventors had to create glasses to block your eyes from the harmful blue light in your computer or smartphone screen. It proves how much technology has taken a toll on everyone’s eyes and it’s a great way to lose your eyesight (if you’re tired of seeing what the world has come too). (4/15) 

Smart devices were a gift from God. Who wouldn’t want to be disconnected from society all the time and be stuck in a virtual bubble where you aren’t talking to anyone but a screen? It’s amazing to have no human interaction for days at a time. (5/15) 

I love when people post pictures on Snapchat or Instagram to events I wasn’t invited to. I never forget to like the post and comment how much it meant to me that they left me out. Then I keep scrolling to the next post. (6/15) 

Social media is also another great thing that has come out of smart devices. One time I was having a conversation with my friends about Grey’s Anatomy and then went on my phone and saw an advertisement for the show on Instagram. (7/15) 

I love how my phone not only listens to every single one of my conversations, but at least someone is always listening to me. I only wish they would respond sometimes. (8/15)

The other day I went on Facebook and someone took a picture of themselves after they finished cleaning up their room and they said “I’m glad I finished cleaning my room! #cleaningsquad.” Users from all over the world just want to tell everyone they know about what they are doing. (9/15) 

But social media isn’t the only amazing thing about our smart devices. Have you ever felt so uncomfortable at a party or event that you wanted to crawl out of your skin? I have a solution for you! Use your smartphone as a safety blanket and your peers will leave you alone! Maybe if you’re lucky, at some point during the event everyone will think you’re a trendsetter and do it too! (10/15) 

Knowledge is also a big deal with technology. Instead of reading a boring book, just watch YouTube and you can watch mindless things like other people playing video games instead of you. YouTube is also a great time waster so children don’t have to do their homework! (11/15) 

That brings me to video games. Who doesn’t love violent games where the whole idea is to shoot and kill other players? It’s a great example for kids to bully and beat up others on the playground. What teacher wouldn’t love to break up that fight? (12/15) 

When my screen lights up with a notification, I know it has to be important, so I look at it. Even when it is only a worthless email from a company, my phone cordially invites me to spend the next twenty minutes scrolling through Snapchat, Instagram, and Tik Tok watching people do silly dances that won’t affect my life in any way. (13/15) 

My smart devices are the most important part of my life. Without them, I would need to have real human interaction and wouldn’t need the constant self assurance through social media apps. I would feel lost and not know what to do. (14/15) 

So if you’re tired of looking at your computer all day, don’t listen to the doctors. Go onto your smartphone to take a break and post something absolutely nobody cares about! (15/15)