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Annika Engelbrecht

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Annika Engelbrecht

Doctor’s note on the cause of death

(February 23, 2016) It’s tough nowadays, right? I can’t go anywhere without getting sideway looks or glares; I never could. Being a skinny white girl with blue eyes and blonde hair my whole life, I have been viewed as “ugly.” This is something the girls in middle school loved to taunt me with and would never allow me to forget. My middle school bullies used to call me “sticklegs,” “and treebranch” daily. I remember how they used to laugh at me and the other “sticks” in our school. They weren’t the only ones laughing either. 

The boys would look at us and pretend to puke with utter disgust in their eyes. Even in high school I was constantly bullied for being too thin. I remember wishing I could gain a couple pounds (and by a couple I mean like 100) so that the boys would like me. My middle school bullies, Ava, Ashley, and Cora had like 10 boyfriends by 11th grade. I had none. I didn’t even have my first kiss yet because “no one likes a skinny bitch.” Every morning, I would walk down to the small green bathroom and weigh myself. Unfortunately, not once did I see myself over 200 pounds. I can’t even tell you how many times I have been turned down for being “too skinny.” My mom was like that too when she was younger. “Skinny runs in the family” she would always say. She got plastic surgery a few years back before she met my dad. They injected her with pig fat and just like that she became beautiful. God I wish I were fat.  

Fat diets are a leading industry that almost every teen girl has tried at least once. No matter the diabetes, clogged arteries, coronary heart disease, strokes, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, breathing problems, and overall early on death, being fat is amazing! I mean c’mon, let’s be real ladies, who wants to live long when we can live to the fullest with the fullest stomach? Diseases and deaths are nothing in comparison to being skinny! We’d all much rather be a beautiful fat woman with type 2 diabetes than be skinny and healthy!

That is why I decided to get the same fat procedure as my mom. It’s only about $450,000 dollars and my dad said he would get it for me for my 18th birthday! It was either the procedure or the new Llamborghini that came out about a month ago. Obviously, I chose the procedure (I had enough of those sweaty $1,000 fat suits that I would occasionally wear). Unlike those plastic pieces of crap, the procedure would be permanent. 

Finally ladies my dreams will be fulfilled! I will no longer be known as the “twig” or “sticklegs,” instead I will be known as gorgeous because on my birthday (March 23), I will have the fat addition surgery.

That is all I have today, diary! See you in exactly two months when I get the procedure. Xoxo, Caroline.


(March 23, 2016) Today is the day of the procedure! I am in the doctor’s office currently. The nurse was super nice. While she was taking my measurements, she told me all about her procedure. She told me that the procedure was the best decision of her life because she got to take on modeling which she used to pay off her debts from med school.

That’s all diary! See you soon with another 200 pounds on my body! Love ya lots!

Xoxo, Caroline.


(May 19, 2016) Dear diary, Sorry we haven’t talked in a while. I have been way too busy with all of the new guys and stuff. But guess what, I am finally beautiful! Instead of getting all of those glares from the boys, I have been getting oogles from them checking me out. It feels so amazing. The procedure was probably the best decision I have made in my life. I’ve never felt so alive! Besides the sharp pain when I walk, the difficulty breathing, and having a hard time getting around, I absolutely love being fat. 

Oops, I almost forgot! Later this week, I have a check up with the doctor to see how my “transformation” is going. Wish me luck! Ok I gotta go get ready for my date with Brian tonight! See ya!

Xoxo, Caroline


(May 24, 2016) Dear diary, I am in the Doctor’s office right now. For the most part I am doing great! Doctor Thompson did say that there might have been some minor complications so I will probably have to stay for an hour or two longer. Hopefully Brian doesn’t mind if I’m like 10 minutes late to dinner. As always, see ya soon!

Xoxo, Caroline