The Danger Behind Black Screens

How dangerous does an account have to appear before it’s fully taken down? Social media guidelines must be improved before more people are hurt. 


Jenna Preston /

Social media allows any user to join a platform and post so how do we know who we can trust?

Censorship only causes more secrecy, lies, and danger to those on social media, and I don’t believe it will solve issues, only create more. You might not think that white supremacists, pedophile, sex trafficking, and homophobia dedicated account exist out there, but you’d be completely wrong. Thousands of profiles hide behind code names, specific profile pictures, and hidden symbols that reel in other accounts to support them and join almost this type of “club.” 

It isn’t comforting to think that these types of accounts freely roam the internet looking to scout others into following them. Censorship would not even solve this issue, considering all of the secrecy behind the profile. You could innocently be tweeting about husky dogs on Twitter one day without even knowing that’s the code word on Twitter for children pedophilia. It’s disgusting even to think this type of hidden universe has existed on social media for so long without a majority of the world even knowing. 

The internet is way more dangerous than it appears. Many people who we love and follow online could be involved in this behavior without anyone even knowing. That’s why I cannot fully support everyone online having a platform, some don’t deserve it, and I barely even know who that person truly is. Many instances of the most popular and well-trusted internet influences have a deep secret revealed online, and your whole perspective on them changes. Famous Tiktokers have recently faced charges for sexually harassing underage fans, hundreds of singers and performers have direct messaged fan accounts asking for explicit photos, and so many celebrities have tried to take advantage of their younger fan base because they look up to them. You never know who you can fully trust online because anyone can create a fantastic profile for the public. 

Some voices that I’ve heard online have done more harm than good, and it isn’t easy to understand how some can gain a following so large with the content they release to the public. However, that’s how social media typically works. More often than not, you see accounts with a very controversial outlook and unapologetic personality gain the most followers because of how much attention they reel in, whether it’s good or bad attention. I don’t think that censorship of these types of accounts will help the public. It’s so easy just to create another profile, find loopholes, and they’d probably get away with their behavior because there’s no repercussions. 

No matter how many followers you have or the trustworthy reputation you might’ve built for yourself online, you should be held accountable for the damage you’ve caused to others. For example, thousands of celebrities have been accused of rape, sexual assault, racism, and homophobia. However, They can still freely post online, sell merchandise, release music for revenue, and influence their followers. This should not be allowed. Someone with such a history and recurring lousy behavior should not have the opportunity to advertise online or have support. Although I dislike to cancel culture when it comes to specific situations, if the case involves something that has hugely hurt or offended someone, why should they be allowed to post? How dangerous does an account have to appear before it’s fully taken down? Social media guidelines must be improved before more people are hurt.