Is society backtracking more than advancing in regards to equality and feminism? Yes.

“Your mom” is not a curse word, but a phrase used repeatedly to insult people. All of these words are rooted in anti-feminist views.


Millicent Fawcett, a feminist and a suffragette, stands in Parliament Square in London

There has been limited advancements in equality and feminism throughout the United States. In 2015 a popular internet trend floated around the United States. It encouraged women to walk in a straight line in a crowded, public setting and see who bumps into them. Many women attempted at this experiment and almost all of them got the same result.

Men bumped into women more times than women and children bumped into women and children combined.

This is significant because it demonstrates the lack of respect men have for women, further proving that men and women are not yet equal. Only fairly recently has any big advancement come about which nudged women in the direction towards equality. Women were finally given the right to vote in the US in the late 1800s.

This was only about 100 years ago.

This is the only large scale advancement that occurred in too long. Of course there have been trivial improvements such as having a woman be an assistant coach for an NFL team or having the first female vice president, but neither of these have shoken our country’s belief system like the 19th amendment has done.

Women are not equal not only in hallways, but also in the workplace. Women’s pay has been a steady couple cents down from what men are paid who do the same job. For example, a male softball/baseball player can make 4 million a year while a female softball/baseball player makes half of that. Same sport, different pay. Even in office jobs, a male lawyer is almost guaranteed to be paid more than a female one.

The inequality between women and men does not stop at the office.

Extracurriculars and fun clubs are affected as well.

For instance, during All-State band auditions for more skilled musicians the floor must be carpet in order to avoid bias against the sounds of clicking heels on the hardwood floors and tiles. This proves that people still view women and men as separate parts of the species human. In the beloved company of Girl Scouts, there are still debates on whether girls should be allowed to wear pants over a skirt if they so choose. This inequality is not only affecting adults, but also children.

Men are not entirely to blame for this inequality. Women also partake in non-feminist actions.

For example, there are women, typically age 50 and above, who feel that a woman does not belong in a “man’s job.” What even is a “man’s job”? Construction? Mechanics? Athletes? Lawyers?

These women push their ideals on their children and unless taught otherwise, those children pass down those dangerous ideals which are harming the progression of women’s rights.

Even schools are poisoned with these old-fashioned mindsets. They install dress codes which limit girls creativity and expression, causing them to become depressed and feel unwanted. Why do they have dress codes you may ask? Their reasoning is that girls bodies are distracting to the boys there to learn. Maybe instead of putting a strict dress code on girls the schools could teach their male students to be respectful and not get distracted by a shoulder or a thigh.

Finally, women are constantly sexualized for the pleasure of men. Think of a large or other popular magazine with a woman on it.What is she wearing? Casual clothing which are comfortable and baggy or lingeré?

Most of society’s curse words are also based around women. For example, “bitch” is a female dog which is used in many insulting phrases. “Mother*****” is another big one.

“Your mom” is not a curse word, but a phrase used repeatedly to insult people. All of these words are rooted in anti-feminist views.

Is society backtracking more than advancing in regards to equality and feminism? Yes. The only dramatic advancement made in the US was 100 years ago when we en were given the right to vote. After this there have been limited improvements to how we en are treated and viewed. Maybe next time you are walking on the street, observe the way men treat we en vs how women treat men.

I guarantee you will be surprised.