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Jonah Gutterman
Jonah Gutterman is an 18-year-old senior at Eastern Regional High School who was born in October, 2002 in Philadelphia, PA. This year, he will serve as a Sports Editor for The Voyager, in his second year on the staff. Jonah is an extremely avid basketball fan who loves to watch, play, and write about the sport religiously. His other hobbies consist of listening to music, studying sports analytics and statistics, and occasionally reading. Jonah worked as both an entertainment and weather anchor on Eastern High School’s ETV News Live during both his freshman and sophomore years. He is an experienced traveler, and has visited more than fifteen foreign countries so far in his life. Gutterman’s dream job is to be a sports commentator/broadcaster for the National Basketball Association. Finally, he is looking forward to his final year of high school and soon moving up into the real world.

Jonah Gutterman, Sports Editor

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