Red October Is In The Air

Red October has officially arrived and the Phillies are bringing it this season!

Canva/Aiden Kremer

Red October has officially arrived and the Phillies are bringing it this season!


  October 3rd 2022 marks the date of every Philadelphia Fans biggest dream. The Philadelphia Phillies beat the Houston Astros 3-0, clinching their spot in the 2022 playoffs. The Phillies had the longest playoff drought in the league of 11 years, much has changed since 2011. 

  The Heart of the team in 2011 consisted of Phillies Legends like Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, and Roy Halladay. The Phillies were the only team in the league to hit 100 wins that season and lead the National League into the playoffs. Losing to the St.Louis Cardinals in the NLDS (National League Division Series) in a 5 game series was the last time the Phillies touched the field in October. 

  The dejavu is setting in for the Phillies as their first opponent in the 2022 playoffs is the St.Louis Cardinals and nothing about their team has changed. The foundation of the team still consists of their main 3 guys Albert Pujols, Adam Wainwright, and Yadier Molina. 

  The Phillies have proven themselves this year as a real contender in the playoffs this year. After firing their General Manager (Joe Giradi) half way through the season the Phillies haven’t seemed this hot since the 2011 regular season. Something with int-term manager Rob Thomson had the Phillies rolling on the 3rd longest win streak by any team this season with 10 wins against some pretty major teams. A former hitting coach of the New York Yankees and was reached by Gabe Kapler, a former Phillies Manager, Rob joined the Phillies in 2019 and has no experience as a head coach but has proven he has the guts.

  These past years the Phillies have been known to struggle with their bullpen and having major hitters step up into their spots. 2022 changed it all when they signed Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos who both hit outstanding with their previous teams and Nick was the runner up behind MVP Bryce Harper in 2021. Schwarber who hit 45 home runs in the regular season this year has provided the team with huge morale boosts and 460ft bombs.

  Pitching for this Phillies team under Dave Dombrowski has never been impressive, having the most blown saves in 2021 with 26 and in 2020 with 13 most coming from the same pitchers. Dave has stepped up his game in trying to fix these issues in our bullpen by signing pitchers like David Robertson, Brad Hand, and Andrew Belatti who have all been amazing since joining the organization.

  Another move made by the Phillies management was moving starting pitcher Zach Eflin to the bullpen as a closer, Eflin who was injured in the beginning of September knew he wouldn’t have time to recover as a starter so ultimately decided to bring his talent to the pen.

  The Phillies have claimed their spot in the 2022 postseason but still have much to prove. Being the last team to take their spot, they will be the underdogs in every series they play, but Phiilly loves to be the underdog.