Raiders Wide Receiver Charged with Misdemeanor Assault


Wikimedia Commons/All Pro Reels

Davante adams is in some trouble for shoving a photographer after a game.

Davante Adams, a wide receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders, is being charged with misdemeanor assault after shoving a photographer following their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The photographer, Ryan Zebley, suffered whiplash and a minor concussion following the incident. 

The situation was provoked by both frustration due to the performance of the Raiders, as well as Zebley running directly in front of Adams. However, he did go back to apologize after the conclusion of the game. 

Adams faces disciplinary action by the NFL, and he is set to appear in court on November 10. He could face up to 6 months in prison or  pay a $1,000 fine. 

Josh McDaniels, the head coach for the Raiders, stands behind Adams saying, “I don’t think there was any intent behind it, on his part.” 

Zebley, on the other hand believes that, “What happened was egregiously unsportsmanlike and an act of violence that should not be excused by the NFL.” That Monday night, he was working his first day on the job as a freelancer for the MNF broadcast.

With the Raiders on their bye week, the NFL has some time to decide what punishment, if any, Adams will be receiving. 

The Raiders currently hold a 1-4 record, and without Adams the foreseeable future is looking rough.