Cozy Up with a Good Book this Autumn


Flickr/Marco Verch

There is no better time to bundle up with the perfect autumn read

  It’s that time of the year again… Marigold leaves are falling and pumpkin spice lattes are all the rave. As summer slips away into a fleeting memory, autumn falls into place like the golden leaves on the trees. September, October, and November bring forth a period of change and new developments. With dropping temperatures and bitter wind chills, there is no better  time to bundle up with the perfect autumn read. Here are some books to keep on your TBR (To Be Read) list this autumn: 

     Embers on the Wind by Lisa Williamson Rosenberg:

 Perfect for history and horror fans, this 200 page novel tells the story of a lineage of women and their connection to Whittaker House. This house not only connects the two women together, but it also connects to the Underground Railroad and the legacy of slavery.  

     The Vicious Cycle by Katherine St. John:

 When Sveta’s estranged uncle mysteriously dies, she travels to the Mexican jungle of Xanadu to pay her respects. When she arrives, Sveta begins to uncover sinister secrets. Will this trip become her worst nightmare? 

     A Fall of Marigolds by Susan Meissner

  Set 100 years apart, this novel tells the story of two women and the tragic deaths of their loved ones that connect them. Additionally, this novel showcases the marigold scarf that will change their lives. If you love a good tragic read or a book that highlights resilience and strength, this novel is perfect for you. 

     Where We Begin and End by Jane Igharo

  It’s been twelve years since Dunni left her home of Nigeria and high school boyfriend, Obinna, behind. When Dunni returns back home for her friend’s wedding, she runs into Obinna. Perfect for fans of second chance romance, this novel gives star-crossed lovers, Dunni and Obinna, a chance to reconnect and rethink their future. Will they give their love another chance or will they walk away from each other again? 

     Pumpkin Everything by Beth Labonte

  Horror novelist Amy Fox has just called off her dream autumn themed wedding. She’s left with a broken heart and newfound hate for everything  pumpkin spice (adds some humor). Even worse, she has a horrible case of writer’s block. Forced to return to her home town of Autumboro, Amy runs into her first love, Kit Parker. Will Amy give Kit a second chance or will Kit’s secret ruin everything? 

     When in Rome by Sarah Adams: 

  Perfect for fans of the “BookTok” sensation The Cheat Sheet, this romance novel tells the story of Amelia Rose, a small-town baker from Kentucky and her fate relationship with Noah Walker, her polar opposite. After Noah’s car breaks down in front of Amelia’s house, the two are forced to interact. As they begin to spend more time together, Noah begins to see a different side of Amelia. Will these opposites attract or repel? 

     Whether you’re a die hard history fan or romance lover, there’s a great  autumnal book waiting for  you. Go grab your favorite sweater and a warm latte and dive into the newest reads of 2022! What will you read next?