Woodstock 1999’


John Clifford

Mosh pit in front of the East Stage Woodstock ’99

  Warning: In this topic we’ll be talking about SA (Sexual Assault), scroll if you’re not comfortable reading!!

  Have you ever heard of Woodstock? Any family members you know that attended  there?  Woodstock ‘99 (also called Woodstock 1999) was a huge music festival that was discontinued. Tons of genres such as rock, rap metal, nu metal, post-grunge, hip hop, punk rock, and folk rock. Woodstock took place in Rome, New York for three days in late July with a fresh hot summer air, you would think it would be nice, right? 

  It was all for “Peace” and “Love” but mainly rage. It went horribly wrong, creating  a violent disaster far darker than you can imagine. Woodstock 1999’ is remembered as the most disgusting music festival ever, portable toilets overflowed, the crowd was dehydrated, and riots that resulted in  eruptions of fires on the last day of the festival.

 The horrors of the festival continues heavily including sexual assaults and violence against women. To this day, the sexual violence against women are still left undiscussed.

  There would be signs saying  “Show us your ___” along with similar messages —It’s something else. Reportedly, white frat boys had too much freedom and took advantage of women.

  In the Netflix documentary Trainwreck woodstock ‘99 mentions the sexual assaults at the end of episode 3. There were no interviews from the survivors and the sexual assaults got about couple minutes of exposure then the documentary simply moved on like showcasing the importance of survivors was not as important as the crimes committed that festival . 

  John Scher the promoter of Woodstock comments about the sexual assaults and rapes are so disgusting as they embody the mind of a toxic masculine mysoginist. Paraphrasing what he said,  he believes since women were walking around with no clothes on, how did they expect not to get touched? 

  This enraged me including others on Twitter who hopped on the app to express their ire. Swarms of comments came rolling in saying, “I really thought I couldn’t think less of John Scher after watching Woodstock: Love, Peace & Rage, but we’re watching Trainwreck: Woodstock 99 and somehow John Scher is making himself look like an even bigger, even more gaping asshole”

  Women should be able to have the same fun as men do; the silly type of fun however they deem.