Blackpink is my favorite girl group. Who is your favorite?


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Here is a photo from when Pink Venom was first released.

 Who is the most popular k-pop girl group? There’s no doubt that it’d be Blackpink. 

     Blackpink is considered one of the most popular K-pop girl groups for good reason. They’ve collaborated with many popular artists, such as Lady Gaga. Their song, ‘Sour Candy’, was by far their most popular song in 2020 out of all the songs they had made that year. Honestly, lots of their songs have gone viral on different platforms. Many people consider many of their songs to be the most popular, but out of the top 10 in different ranking lists, ‘Kill This Love’, ‘Ddu-du Ddu-du’ and ‘Boombayah’ stay in the top 10. 

     Let’s talk about one of their songs that came out this year. ‘Pink Venom’ came out on August 19th, and it was their comeback song. It’s already December, and the song has 108..4 million streams within the U.S. Outside of the U.S, they have 99.5 million streams outside of the U.S. In four months, they were able to have 200 million streams. The song won best music video for the MAMA awards. This is impressive, considering it came out not long ago. 

     Blackpink consists of four members. The eldest isJisoo. She is currently twenty-seven, and here is how she first started her profession. When she was in 11th grade, she joined the drama club in her high school. This helped her gain knowledge in the entertainment industry. In 2011, she was able to appear in many music videos for different K-pop groups. After spending some time acting,  Jisoo first debuted alongside her younger colleagues in 2016. In 2020, she went viral for a teaser of  ‘How You Like That.’ The way she dressed and her style in general was one of the main reasons why she gained popularity. 

      Jennie is the second eldest out of the group. She is currently twenty-six. Jennie first wanted to become a singer when she was a child. Although her parents didn’t agree with her decision, they still helped her get to the basic steps of becoming a K-pop idol. She was able to audition with YG Entertainment, officially joining the label as a trainee. Jennie took the role of being the rapper in the group because at the time, she was the only member in Blackpink that was fluent in English. The company also believed that she should embrace her role as a rapper, instead of a vocalist. 

     Rosé and Lisa are both twenty-five. Since Rosé is the older one, we’ll talk about her. She is from New Zealand and South Korea. Her father supported her being an idol, hence why he told her about an audition in Sydney. Ever since that audition, she was able to drop out of school and sign with her label. She moved to Seoul, where she started her journey. She was surprised because she never thought it’d be possible for her to become a singer, or anyone in the entertainment industry in Australia. Rosé is known for her singles, which went viral pretty quickly. 

     Lisa, or Lalisa, is also not Korean. She is Taiwenese, and was born in Buriram, Thailand. Now, instead of Jennie, Lisa is the rapper of the group. She was thirteen when she first auditioned in Thailand for the YG Entertainment label. Out of the four thousand participants, she was the only one to pass the audition. When she was fourteen, she began training, which lasted five years. Lisa was also the first non-Korean to ever join the label. Just like the other three, Lisa debuted with her other members in August, and she’s been thriving ever since. 

     Blackpink is my favorite girl group. Who is your favorite?