Writer’s Block

I’m sure you’ll get writer’s block once in your life, but remember to stay patient through it!


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December 16, 2022


Don’t worry if you can’t think of something to write.

   Writer’s block is one thing I dread every time I get it. But, what is it?

     So, I’m sure you’ve heard of art block, where an artists’ art doesn’t turn out how they expected it to look,  or they’re unable to think of anything to draw. That’s basically what writer’s block is but switch the drawing part with writing. Honestly, it’s happened to me so much this month already. Sometimes it takes a while to even think of what to write. 

     It’s a struggle thinking of what to write, especially when you have to fit a certain amount of words. If the word count for a summary in your history class was two hundred and fifty words, it may be difficult to fit that limit if you can’t think of what to write. You have to choose the right words to go with the topic you’re talking about, but you have to make the summary make sense.  

     If you think that it could be easy to overcome writer’s block, then you’re surely mistaken! This is coming from a writer, so take my word for it. I’ve had writer’s block for a whole month before. It was difficult for me to think of anything to write, and even if I tried to write anything, it’d still come out bad. 

   I think that reading helped me a lot. I was learning ways of how different authors wrote and how they expressed their feelings. I even learnt some new words on the way. 

     I’ll stop saying the negatives now, and some positives from writer’s block. In my opinion, it’s a sign to take a break from writing. I’m not completely fine with that, but it happened nonetheless. I could finally focus on my other hobbies. Although I missed writing, it was fun figuring out what my other hobbies were. 

     It came to me that I probably was on writer’s block because I kept on getting distracted by things, or I was trying too hard to perfect my writing. So, after a couple of days of not writing, I finally grabbed my laptop and started typing away. Surprisingly, I was proud of myself for writing three paragraphs with no breaks in between. The funny thing about what I wrote was the hobbies I’d figured out I liked during my little hiatus. Turns out I really like baking..?

     Anyways, other than figuring out what I liked and reading, I also really enjoyed talking to people about what they’d like to write. It was fun seeing where other people’s creativity lies. So, here’s how I overcame writer’s block. I read, read and read even more. Then, I started figuring out what I liked to do during my free time. Lastly, I spoke to some of my family and friends on what to write. 

     I’m sure you’ll get writer’s block once in your life, but remember to stay patient through it!