Popcorn Poetry by the Poetry Out Loud Club

The Poetry Out Loud club’s composition of line by line verses under the theme “Bittersweet”.


Photo by Emerson on Flickr

Popcorn poetry is poetry written by a different poet each line.

In a sea of flowers,

Be the bee who pollinates and spreads their beauty,

Fertilize the forest, for it has fallen, 

Set like the sun to shine the next day, 

Flowers float on the pond, seeding the air, 

Water your garden of everlasting flowers.


A book, a pen,

A memory, a wish

A crusty lobster, a slippery fish,

A crush, a date, an unwanted kiss,

A life, a death,

A song, a dance, an unexpected chance,

A slippery pen, a dancing kiss.


On my hands, I counted our days,

Few of my fingers rose,

And yet, there is no one else,

That my heart, for those few days would’ve chose

In my day, hands counted,

One, two, three, four,

And to back then, I have gone,

And have had to use my toes.


Like a hello that you know is too soon followed by goodbye,

Oh how I love my hellos, 

And our goodbyes,

Why did you have to say goodbye,

Before I was ready to say hello?

Hell stand by as our love follows,

“Hello? Hello? Hello?”, 

I hear only of what I had wanted back then.


Light, but dark,

The sun illuminates the sky, but my heart hangs in gloom,

Is it in my room, watching as the sun departs,

Leaving my body in a tomb.

My heart takes the place of the sun,

It goes all around, circling.

Wanting and searching,

Dark, but light illuminates the earth,

I lay in the soil and am finally at peace.


Love burns with a passion, 

Passion burns the love to ashes,

Kindness burns the soul away,

Until only a feeling of want remains,

Love’s flames devour hatred’s seeds,

And barren lays my creation like rotten leaves.


Bittersweet beats sweater fuzz,

Something I trust,

To hold and to love,

Bittersweet hangs on your tongue like,

A pendulum on a clock,

Bittersweet makes your brain itch like,

A song that slips your mind.