Looking For Your New Favorite Series?

Gossip Girl 

     The 2007 hit show, Gossip Girl, stars well-known celebrities such as Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Penn Badgley, and Chase Crawford. This show demonstrates the differences between the “high society” lifestyle and life in the lower class, showing their differences as they came together. Gossip Girl is a relatable show, perfect for teenagers, who struggle with similar challenges and successes as seen in the show. With similar struggles and successes, which is what makes this show so interesting. This show is a great binge-watch, as many have found themselves rewatching this show multiple times over and never getting sick of it!

The Vampire Diaries 

     This show details a classic vampire romance including mystery and suspense. The main character, Elena Gilbert, is stuck in a love triangle throughout the show. The audience grows to adore Stefan, played by Paul Wesley, and Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder, Elena’s main love interest. Brooding Damon and sweet Stefan leave the audience stuck wondering who Elena should choose. The audience’s opinions of both of them change drastically throughout the show, adding to its drama.  However, love isn’t the only thing the characters are battling. The show takes a huge turn when vampires, witches, and the complications they bring come into play. The Vampire Diaries is loved by many, and a great binge-watch because there are spinoffs from the original series! The Originals and Legacies, allows the audience to carry on their love for the show. 

Gilmore Girls

     If you’re looking to watch a heartwarming show involving romance and the importance of family and friendships, Gilmore Girls is perfect for you!  Gilmore Girls is a much slower-paced show, providing the audience with a sense of comfort and happiness. The main character Rory is a sweet teenage girl, who is the daughter of  Lorelai, who had a teen pregnancy. These two have a very special bond that carries with them throughout the show, making it a suitable watch for all ages. Rory experiences romance, and as she moves on to college she faces many new challenges. Her mother Lorelai gets opened up to new romances and experiences as well. This heartfelt mother-and-daughter relationship throughout the television show makes it a wonderful binge for people of any age. 

Never Have I Ever

     Never Have I Ever is an incredibly popular comedy-drama television series. It features a young teen girl, named Devi, whose father just recently died. She has a crush on the most popular boy in the school, Paxton, who she thinks would never notice her. This show has become extremely popular since its release in 2020.  The audience is constantly laughing and falling in love with Devi and her life, as it is portrayed on the show. Devi shares similarities to young teenage girls, which makes her easily relatable to teenage viewers. This show overall covers the highs and lows of teenagers while providing the audience with a lot of laughs! 

Grey’s Anatomy

     Tremendously popular show, Grey’s Anatomy, has now reached its 19th season. How can one watch so many seasons, you may ask? This medical show is the perfect combination of relationship drama and the stresses of a  professional career, in the setting of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Each character’s growth throughout the seasons is unlike any other show. The attachment an individual gains to these characters is unexplainable, and Shonda Rhimes, the screenwriter, does not fail to add interesting romantic and tragic twists along the way..  

Ted Lasso 

     Ted Lasso is a comedy-drama about an American football coach who gets a new job managing an English Premier League Football (soccer) team. Ted Lasso, the main character, played by Jason Sudeikis, has a very positive outlook and uncommon coaching methods that displease people. As you continue through the show, viewers get to watch his journey as he wins over the people who once judged him. What people love most about this show is Ted’s optimism and outlook on life. 


     Ozark, was released in 2017. The show’s premise surrounds itself around the main character, Marty Byrde’s, decision to move his family to the Ozarks. A conflict develops when Marty figures out his horrible financial situation, where he realizes he now has to get $8 million dollars. Marty’s first priority is his family, but how is he supposed to prioritize them while also conquering criminals who have it out for him? This show is known for its interesting journey and plot-twisting events.  

Breaking Bad

     Breaking Bad is an incredibly popular show that fans rave about for its unique plot and shocking surprises. This television series is about a chemistry teacher who gets diagnosed with lung cancer and creates a meth lab with his former student, Jesse Pinkman. This crime drama series has viewers on the edge of their seats as they are carried along the journey. Before chemistry teacher Walter White, dies he wants to make sure that his family will be financially stable after he passes. Producing meth opens him up to a whole new world that features crime and adventure. The people watching Breaking Bad are exposed to the personal growth each character experiences and the interesting twists and turns this journey brings. 

Game of Thrones 

     This show is about the fictional world of Westeros and focuses on several noble families. Throughout the show, they battle for control of the Seven Kingdoms. Game of Thrones is filled with many different topics such as betrayal, war, and fictional creatures such as dragons and White Walkers. Watching this show is like watching a major feature film from the comfort of your couch. With its multi-million dollar budgets and special effects, it is unmatched in television history.