Carson Wentz tears ACL, out for rest of the season

The Eagles won their game against the Rams on Sunday, December 10th and clinched the NFC East, but at what cost?

 Things were going so well for the Eagles. Before the Rams game, they were 10-2 and needed to win one more game to clinch a playoff spot.

 On that Sunday, they won a shootout with the Rams, 43-35, but it was a bittersweet win. Their young star, MVP frontrunner quarterback Carson Wentz, left with an injury that many people were calling a torn ACL which would require surgery and cause Wentz to miss the rest of this season and may miss some games next season.

 Before the injury, Wentz was cruising through the game. He had thrown three touchdowns and 289 yards passing and one interception.

 The play where Wentz got injured happened like this. The Eagles had a first and goal at the Rams’ three yard line. Wentz snapped the ball and had good protection from his offensive line but his receivers weren’t open. Wentz took the ball himself and got past two players on the defense, who hit his knee at the same time, and dove into the endzone for the touchdown. The score didn’t count because it had been called back for a holding penalty by Lane Johnson, bringing the play back ten yards. Wentz had looked dazed on the ground after the defensemen had hit his knee area during his dive for the called back touchdown and needed his teammate’s help up. Wentz stayed in the game, eliminating the worries of the fans who thought Wentz had been hurt initially.

 A couple plays later, the Eagles were at the Rams’ two yard line. It was fourth down and head coach Doug Pederson went for it. The Eagles snapped the ball and Wentz looked around the end zone for a receiver. Wentz was about to get hit so he tossed it to where his two receivers were, including Alshon Jeffery who went on his knees and caught the ball just as it is about to hit the ground. Eagles took the lead 32-28. Wentz had set the record for the most touchdown passes in Eagles franchise history.

 Fans got concerned when Wentz hobbled off the field after the touchdown to Jeffrey and had gone straight to the medical tent to be looked at. Minutes later, the camera showed Wentz limping to the Eagles’ locker room. Later, it was reported that Wentz would be out for the rest of the game.

 Backup quarterback, Nick Foles, stepped up as Eagles QB. The Eagles hung, winning a thrilling 43-35 game and clinching a playoff spot, but the big concern was the future of Carson Wentz.

 The Eagles hadn’t confirmed if Carson had torn his ACL, but many people worried that that was the case. In the press conference after the game, Doug Pederson told them that Carson would get an MRI the next day, Monday, to see what the injury looked like.

 So, that night, Eagles fans around Philadelphia held their breath.

 At the press conference the next day, Pederson said that Carson did indeed tear his ACL and would miss the rest of the season.

 He also told reporters that it looked like the injury occurred when Carson was diving into the endzone, not when the defenders hit his knee at the same time. “It appears watching the film again today, it (the injury) was actually before the contact so it could be a non-contact deal. But that’s just what it appears on the tape,” said Pederson.

 After Wentz was ruled out of the game and before it was ruled that Carson had a torn ACL,  ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter had tweeted, “If Carson Wentz does indeed have a torn ACL, he will have stayed in the game, played four more plays, and thrown a TD to Alshon Jeffery with an injured knee.”

 Wentz posted a video on the next Monday night, looking distraught, but he was very excited that his team clinched a playoff spot. On his injury, Wentz said, “This will not stop me.”

 Fans shouldn’t count out Nick Foles as the Eagles starting quarterback since when he was the starter back in 2013, he had thrown twenty-seven  touchdowns and only two interceptions, leading the Eagles to the playoffs, the last time they had gotten in. Foles was also the Pro Bowl MVP that year.

 Notable backup quarterbacks that had led their teams to Super Bowl wins are Terry Bradshaw, Kurt Warner, and Tom Brady.

 Wentz will finish the year with 3,296 yards on 265 completions while throwing thirty-three touchdown passes, the Eagles franchise record. He will look to return to the team sometime next season.