New courses lined up for next school year

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   Courses for next year have opened! Here are six new courses that the Board of Education has approved:


Lifestyle Fitness

This is a new edition to the course guide. This is the first time in years that there has been a change to the Health and Physical Education course. Juniors and seniors are the only grades that can take the class.

   The class is designed to help students stay fit, both mentally and physically. Part of the course will be learning the principles of fitness, diet, and nutrition. Cardio kickboxing, yoga, and spin room are examples of activities that the class may participate in.


Advanced Architectural Engineering Drawing and Design/CAD

This is an addition to the industrial arts section of the course guide. This course is available for sophomores through seniors.

   In order to take this class, one has to take either Engineering Drawing and Design/CAD or Architectural Engineering and Drawing Design/CAD. Projects in this class include student competitions, two-story residence building, and more. The class emphasizes the use of technical drawing through Computer Aided Drawing.

Holocaust, Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity Honors

This course is an addition to the Social Studies department. This course can only be taken by juniors and seniors.

   Half of the course will focus on the Holocaust, while the other half will consist of genocide and crimes against humanity. The course will also include current events and survivors sharing their experiences. The class will also help with 21st century skills: critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.

Applied Statistics

This a new addition to the Mathematics section. Seniors are the only class that can take the course and have had to have “successfully” completed Algebra 2.

   This course will include a nontraditional way of teaching Probability and Statistics. Students will do projects, presentations, and experiments that will be applied to the real world. Topics may include data display and description, probability distributions, and correlation and regression.

College Transition Math CP

This is not a new edition, but the course has been changed to a full year course. This course can only be taken by seniors. In order to take this class, one has to have already have taken Algebra 1, Geometry, and Prior or Concurrent Algebra; one also needs an Accuplacer – an alternative test.

   This class does not count as a third year course for math; it is considered a math elective. Taking this course provides college credit and placement recognition at Camden County College. Calculators cannot be used to receive placement recognition and there is no cost for the course.

AP Capstone Program

This is the final edition to the course guide in its own section. The program is split up into two years, SP Seminar and AP Research. Juniors are the only class that can take AP Seminar and Seniors are the only class that can take AP Research.

   The prerequisite is “Expected AP Exams of ‘3’ or Higher on Four or More AP Exams by Graduation. The class will teach students about investigations, cross-curricular connections, communication, real world problems, and more.

   If a student only gets a 3 or more on the AP test for both classes, then he/she will receive the AP Seminar and Research Certificate. If a student earns a 3 or more on the AP test for both classes, in addition to four other AP tests, then he/she will be given the AP Capstone Diploma. The course selection paper is due January 5th for current juniors, January 19th for current sophomores, and February 2nd for current freshmen.