The sweet advice of Josh Meyers

Q: How do I handle all of the homework that I get?

A: Every high schooler always has that one night where they have to do hours of homework, but there are ways to control that workload. If you have a study hall, get off Netflix and Snapchat and complete your homework so you have less work for the night. Study hall is meant for you to get your homework done. Having an hour for lunch is also a great way to limit your amount of homework when you get home. Lunch A, you can eat your lunch, and then Lunch B get your homework done or vice versa. You can work in either the Learning Center, the Media Center, or Gym 1 or Gym 2. Another way to handle your homework is to utilize the new schedule. On Monday, you could might have a class that you do not have Tuesday, so you can push that homework aside for the next night when you don’t have as much to complete. When you are doing your homework at home, maybe try taking a break in between. You can do one piece of homework and then when you are done, take a ten minute break before you move on to your next homework assignment. Handling your homework workload can be easier if you follow these tips.


Q: How do I convince my parent(s) to get my family a dog?

A: I was in the same situation. I had been asking my parents for a furry friend for years. During that time, they got me some fish and a couple of hermit crabs. But to actually get a dog or a cat for my family, I had to focus on two major things: timing and making my mom guilty.

  In the spring before my sister was about to head to college, I asked if we could get a dog or a cat for what seemed like the hundredth time. Again, my mom had said no, but then I thought about something, My sister is heading off to college soon and that means I will be the only child in the house with no sibling to spend my time with. This is the perfect time to guilt my mom. And guilt her I did. I told my mom, “Jordan is going to college in the fall and when she leaves, I will be all alone. With a dog or a cat I will always have company in the house. Plus, the pet could even replace Jordan.” Okay, I didn’t say that last line but what I said before that is total facts. After I told my mom that, I could see in her eyes how bad she would feel if I got lonely in the house without my sister. She said, “Well, I don’t want a dog. But I will think about getting a cat.” So, that April, my mom called a local breeder who had a cat up for adoption and my family adopted her. My relentless years of begging were over.