Sound Bites: From 2017 and anticipating 2018


U2- Songs of Experience

Sequel to 2014’s Songs of Innocence, these experienced rockers latest album, Songs of Experience, is a dramatic portrayal of the band coming to grips with the future, while reflecting on their past. The Dublin-originated group uses the emotional song “Lights Of Home” to express the wisdom and strength fame taught them. The style remains close to U2’s roots, but messages are shifted in their words. They acknowledge the future and their own age. U2’s classic songwriting that produced hits such as “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “Beautiful Day” is utilized once again successfully to produce a refreshing sound in Songs Of Experience. However, it is made clear that despite the draw to relax, the band sees continuing performances and songwriting in the future. With the remixed “Ordinary Love” and a cameo by Kendrick Lamar alone, Songs of Experience is worth the listen.


Justin Timberlake- Man of the Woods

In an unexpected move, long time time pop star Justin Timberlake releases an intimate outdoorsman-inspired album. With a long career in the music industry, the 37-year-old artist now reflects on his Tennessee roots to create this new perspective on the natural world. While still maintaining his modern song writing style, the album takes on a new weight with its message. Timberlake has mentioned that it is inspired by his family, it is a more personal and more emotional release than anything else in his catalogue. The sound is empowering and more centered in storytelling than his prior work. Timberlake’s previous singles such as “Mirrors”, “Cry Me A River”, and “Can’t Stop The Feeling” are far from the new addition “Filthy.” This single portrays the path of pop in the future. The earthy and humble atmosphere behind the album shows Timberlake’s personal growth. Justin Timberlake’s Man Of The Woods joins his others as the fifth studio album he has released.


Eminem- Revival

The first album in four years, Revival is Eminem‘s newest collection of songs. This album features many guest artists from Beyoncé to Ed Sheeran. Despite mixed reviews, most agreed that it was a good addition to Eminem’s work. Many of the tracks on the album feature beats and progressions derived from popular songs that are quite recognizable. The song “Remind Me” uses Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock n’ Roll”, however it adds Eminem’s aggressive lyrics. The track “Walk on Water” is far more emotional. This features Beyoncé and a ballad-like piano intro, and is centered around making peace with the harsh reality of Eminem’s fame. The Nineteen-track album also includes the contributions of Alicia Keys, X Ambassadors, Pink, and more, solidifying Revival as a star-studded and successful album.


Fall Out Boy- Mania

Lots of drama was to blame for the pushed back release date of Fall Out Boy’s new album Mania. According to Rolling Stone, the original September release was delayed by singer Patrick Stump’s realization that he wasn’t satisfied with the product. Stump essentially added a great deal of pressure to the group, who also had a continental tour scheduled beginning in fall. Despite the circumstances, the band’s moral remained in high spirits, they completed the album, and they performed the whole tour. Fall Out Boy released the single “Champion” ahead of the album, which definitely exhibits a change in the traditionally more instrumental rock style, it is a more remixed type of song. This style is more present in the latest album than the others. The band has stated that they are not concerned about breaching the hit lists, but are more focused on being happy with it for themselves and the fan base.