Shane Black’s “The Predator” Misses the Mark of its Successors


 “The Predator’s” thirty-one year legacy remains to be one of the more iconic successions when it comes to science fiction adventure flicks up to date even with only four films at its disposal along with a few spin-off movies each of which remaining the same classic, cheesy action style it has been entitled to since 1987.

 The hiatus since the last installment, “Predators” (2010), has been remained, overall, untouched until Shane Black threw his hat into the ring in 2018 and opted to bring life back into the series by directing “The Predator.”

 As a director, Shane Black surely has had the exposure to good filmmaking having directed some thrilling films in the past, such as 2005’s “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and 2016’s “The Nice Guys”. While he has experience as a director, he also gained recognition from the original “Predator” in 1987 thanks to his performance as Hawkins. His take on “The Predator” series has all of the potential it needs to be as likeable as the last 3.

 This film’s plot, as simplistic as possible, begins with an autistic young boy named Rory, played by Jacob Tremblay, who stumbles upon Predator equipment and upon fiddling with it triggers a descent on planet Earth. Rory’s father, played by Boyd Holbrook, claims to have an encounter with this force and then joins a small group of renegade soldiers called The Loonies that want to attempt to stop the invasion.  

 Stated before, The Predatorhad the potential to be a solid film given to it on a silver platter but as a movie standing up with that of its classic predecessors, it feels like a mess in comparison.

The Predatorfails to comprehend a lot of the qualities that made movies like the original “Predatorremarkable: its simplistic nature.

 The Predator’s” plot is insanely convoluted for what it is trying to be: a man and his team are attacked by aliens, a boy summons aliens along with a small subplot concerning him, government investigations on aliens occur, a group of people want to kill aliens, etc.  

 “Predator” is a movie that embraces its easy going plot to give the viewers an entertaining action film about people coped in life or death situations. This, unfortunately, is not present in The Predator, as its remarkable moments revolve around very bland action that does not feel as though it qualifies for that R rating. Its difference mostly hinges on the far better establishment the original had over its 2018 sequel.

 What makes “Predator” a far more effective action film is the suspense it presented. Given that most of its characters are likeable, funny, and cool for the camera, it gives the audience more of a reason to care for their fate. While The Predatorkeeps the quirky one liners the original contained and an amazing adaptation to the character(s) of “The Predator”, that is all it had going for it when it came to its characters who are all boring in comparison with only one or two qualities to them.    

 The Predatornot only fails to be a resourceful sequel to the loved “Predator” series, but it also struggles when in comparison to other action movies of its genre. While the cinematography mostly hinges on quick cutting for most of its action, it still does not feel like it makes up for how unrealistic and mindless scenes intended to entertain are to be comprehended as.      

 Shane Black’s interpretation of “The Predator” series underwhelms. It does not feel like a “Predator.” to its convoluted nature and it does not feel like a cohesive action movie due to poor action scenes. Avid fans of the series will find disappointment in this movie due to its bad changes and will likely find the nearest chopper away from this poorly made sequel of this classic series.