“Pillow Thoughts” offers raw emotion


“You is fine. You is still here. You is going to make it.” “Pillow Thoughts” opens up with the story of a jellyfish named You. From the simple short poem with this jellyfish representing the reader, it’s clear that this is a piece of literature designed for the reader to learn something about themselves.

  Courtney Peppernell’s “Pillow Thoughts” is a collection of prose and poetry that talks through concepts such as love, heartbreak, loneliness, depression, and joy, Her delicate words in some areas and harsh truths in others serve to educate the reader in emotional downfalls and recoveries.

  The poems are organized into sections. Even the table of contents reads in a poetic way. Some of the categories include, “If you are dreaming of someone”, “if you are sad”, “if you need encouragement”, “if you need a reason to stay”, and the last section, “these are for you”.

  The book is great for many occasions and doesn’t require being read in any specific order. Whether on a plane, long car trip, lazy Sunday, sick day, recovering from heartbreak, falling into love, or a simple restless night, this collection has something to offer in every moment.

  On top of the great literature, the illustrations are beautiful. The theme is a peaceful jellyfish, a nod to the introduction poem. In each section, the jellyfish is reflecting the emotion that is talked about.

  This is not a “feel good” collection, but a “feel” connection. Through reading, one gets to find purpose in the negative emotions.

  Recently, Peppernell has released the follow up collection “Pillow Thoughts II: Healing the Heart.”

  It’s a wonderful read and eye opening experience, filled with smiles, tears, deep laughs, and giddy moments. “Pillow Thoughts” is sure to bring great soul-searching and peace to all readers.