Satirical Hallmark Christmas Films

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A Supernatural Christmas

People say love is blind. When we meet the right person we accept all of who they are as a whole. But what happens if your true love turns out to be a ghost that is stuck in human form for only the twelve days before Christmas? And then becomes a spirit until next Christmas! Crazy, right? In The Spirit of Christmas, the young lawyer Kate is divided between two worlds: the mortal and supernatural. She must choose between her true love Daniel, who was murdered over a century ago on Christmas Eve, or her normal life in Boston. Kate needs an answer before the clock strikes midnight on December 24th or she will be locked out of the spirit world forever and Daniel will be lost. – Lauren Casole ‘19


Gifts for Prisioners

Kevin McCallister’s wish for independence is granted when his family leaves him “home alone” while they vacation in Paris. Santa hopes to delight Kevin by coming early this year, delivering him two “delightful” presents. However, Kevin fails to like his gifts, and instead, he makes a few explosive tweaks to their design and then donates them…to prison.

– Bryce Dershem ‘21


The Fake Princess Christmas

  In an unrealistic world where a princess doesn’t want to be in the spotlight for her big wedding, she runs into a baker that happens to look like her identical twin—what are the chances?

  When the princess complains about not wanting a lot of attention on her big day (truly a shame), the two realize they can use their similar features to their advantage by switching places. The only problem is that the two have to learn to act like each other in order to pull this switch off. And to absolutely no surprise at all, the fake princess falls in love with the prince at the wedding.

  Despite the fact that an identity switch would probably never work, especially during a wedding, the film poses a solid plot. Many will feel bad for the poor princess that doesn’t want the fame and fortune—she has a rough life. – Anthony Cutrera ‘19


The Christmas Eve Nightmare

When a snow storm forces eight people off the roads on Christmas Eve, they post up in an abandoned church. Forced to spend the night together, they learn alot about each other. They discuss their pasts and family trees and come to a shocking revelation. They are related. They have common great-grandparents. A Christmas Eve nightmare almost made for a Christmas without family, but after all it was a Christmas spent with long lost family. – Matthew Steinsaltz ‘20