As Eagles head to New Orleans, many story lines appear

Voyager sports writers discuss the Eagles and the playoffs


The Eagles will see big change before stepping on the field in 2020.

Gotta Love the Underdog Story

The Philadelphia Eagles are underdogs in an even greater sense then they were last season. As 1st seed underdogs last season, The public and media had no belief in Nick Foles taking over for MVP-to-be Carson Wentz.

Now as the Super Bowl LII MVP, nobody doubts Nick Foles. Instead, the media doubts the 9-7 Eagles team as a whole who squeaked in to the playoffs thanks to some help from Chicago.

After the shocking 16-15 victory over the Bears and the #1 defense in the league, the list of teams the Eagles have now beaten include the Rams, Texans, and Bears in the last 4 weeks: all playoff caliber teams and all contenders or former contenders to appear in Super Bowl LIII.

Saint Nick and the ragtag gang leading the Eagles secondary face their tallest task yet. Few teams defeat Drew Brees in the superdome. Further supporting the Saints odds is the week 11 thrashing of the Eagles in the same stadium.

Saints coach Sean Payton went on note saying “I think they’re obviously a different team than we faced earlier in the year.” Eagles players have shown they are hungry for the opportunity to avenge their embarrassing defeat that almost broke the team spirit.

If you don’t believe in Nick Foles after all he has done for the city of Philadelphia, you’re turning a blind eye to the “magic” that has taken place over the last two seasons. The Eagles are playing fundamentally sound football. As a team that isn’t statistically dominant on either side of the ball in the year as a whole, they are forcing teams to play a game of attrition that this Eagles team can slug their way through.

The Eagles will travel to New Orleans fired up as ever. If the Saints make the mistake of looking past the reigning Super Bowl Champs and Super Bowl MVP, they’ll be making a season-ending mistake.

– Cameron Davis ‘19


Saint Nick Arrives again for the holidays

Its playoff time in Philadelphia and Nick Foles is here to save the day yet again. If Foles can lead the Birds to another Super Bowl, there could be some quarterback controversy in Philadelphia.

Wentz played his final game of 2018 in week 14 against the Dallas Cowboys. Carson has battled a back injury for a good portion of the season but fought through the pain. After the losing to Dallas, playoff chances looked slim for the Eagles. Therefore, management figured they would sit their young star so that he wouldn’t get further injured and would be healthy for next season.

It was Foles turn to step in now. He lead the Eagles to go 3-0 in their last 3 games and, with the help of a few other teams, sneak into the playoffs. Despite being huge underdogs, the Birds were able to knock off the 12-4 Chicago Bears in the NFC Wild Card round.

The Eagles face the Saints next week that will be Foles’ biggest challenge this year. However, last time Foles was challenged he through for 373 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Patriots in a Super Bowl 52 victory.

– Anthony Cutrera ‘19


Should he stay or should he go? Wentz v. Foles

Many have debated about what quarterback the Eagles should stick with in the future. The clutch Foles or the younger Wentz? When Wentz went down last season, Nick Foles stepped up and brought the Eagles far into the playoffs and to the Super Bowl, but Wentz was the guy who brought the Eagles there, playing lights out until his injury. This year, Wentz broke his vertebrae causing Foles to take his place and go 3-0 in the last games, driving the Eagles right back into the playoffs. This week, Foles and the Eagles won a thrilling wild card match with the Bears, with Foles leading the team to a game winning touchdown drive. This is Foles’ last year with the Eagles as he signed a two-year contract before last season. Carson Wentz was the Eagles 2nd overall pick in 2016. Should the Eagles stick with their young star or lean on the Super Bowl LII MVP?

– Josh Meyers’ 21


The ‘Double Doink Game’ was full of surprises

A season of twist and turns took another turn last Sunday. The Eagles went into Soldier Field in Chicago and beat the bears 16-15 on a last second missed field goal. The Eagles were seemingly in command of the game, moving the ball at will and stopping the Bears offense, but two turnovers and an untimely penalty led to a 6-3 Bears lead at the half. The Eagles went ahead 10-6 after a touchdown by rookie Dallas Goedert. A field goal and a touchdown put the Bears up 15-10, when Nick Foles led a 60 yard touchdown drive to put the Eagles up 16-15. A long kickoff return by Tarik Cohen put the Bears in good field position. With five seconds left they set up for a 43 yard attempt to win the game. The attempt was good, but Doug Pederson called a timeout. The second attempt from former Eagle Cody Parkey bounced off the the upright and crossbar and fell to the field. A crazy game ended with a crazy kick. The game will forever be remembered as the Double Doink Game.

 – Matt Steinsaltz ‘20