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The Voyager staff comments on the conflict with the border wall

The Voyager staff has been following the government shutdown over the past week. Staffers were asked for comments on the dispute. This is what they wrote.

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The government should not allow Trump to just do whatever he wants.


A wall isn’t going to fix crime rates. You can’t plague an entire demographic when you are accused of being a criminal yourself. We need to focus on better border control. A steel fence may be fine, but a concrete wall is a waste of time and resources.


Trump is not making any new arguments. This is a problem that will not go away soon. Drug problems at the border will not stop. The only good argument that Trump made was when he asked Democrats who had supported fences, why won’t they support a wall. The shut down will continue, which is a shame for those who are not getting paid.


This is an argument we should not be having. We do not need a wall on our border. We need to change the system to make it easier for immigrants to become legal. The shutdown needs to end because many people are going without pay and are suffering. Trump is acting selfishly.


Donald Trump came into the presidency as a self-proclaimed “master negotiator,” but he is not showing his ability to compromise. Because of the negative impact of a prolonged government shutdown on federal employees, both Republicans and Democrats will soon want the government to re-open rather than play along with Trump’s temper tantrum. The wall issue will need to be resolved through some act of Congress. Right now, 800,000 federal employees need their pay.


Border security is vital; it is extremely important to cut back on illegal immigration to reduce drugs and crime because even if they don’t commit more crimes than normal citizens, they don’t have the freedom to use our resources or violate laws. It needs reform, and the shutdown will force Congress into a corner until they do something.


How many more caravans have to storm the border? How many more innocent people have to be murdered by illegals, and how many more drugs have to pour into our country until democrats realize that there is a real problem. They used to support border security, but now that Trump does, they oppose it. They say the shutdown is Trump’s fault


I think a wall is necessary if we are committed to stopping illegal immigration. However, I don’t know how feasible it is to convince the Democrats to approve the massive amount of money it will take to build it. Either way, the shut down can’t last much longer.


I think the wall should be built since border crossing is a large problem.


The government shutdown has lasted too long. Like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer said, we can open the government and then negotiate border security. The border dispute is silly. It is not a crisis. If it has been a crisis for so long, then why are we bringing it up now? Also, building a wall will not help much. A wall is a fifth-century solution. We need to use technology to secure the border and we need to look at other reasons why illegal immigrants are an issue.


President Trump shouldn’t continue this method. It is unfair to the workers and unnecessary.


The government shutdown is unfair and the wall is not necessary. It’s unfair for the millions who are losing money.


An agreement needs to be made. People are so concerned with Democrats vs. Republicans that they don’t get anything done.


The government shutdown proves how incompetent the current administration is. It negatively impacts their family and family friends as well as millions of other people. I’m super-liberal, so I believe there should be background checks and psychological profiles done on incoming prospective immigrants, and obviously a center for processing at the border. But no wall, no fence. No concentration camps. When you took this country from the Native Americans, they didn’t lock you up, abuse and mistreat you. The immigrants are not criminal invaders. They don’t deserve genocide.


$5 billion is a small portion of federal money…Trump could easily get what he wants. Even if a wall is built, all immigrants are trying to get over have to do is sneak on a boat and go to the up coast. Better spent on high technology for detection. Compromise is needed.


If the goal of the wall or fence us to keep drugs and illegal immigrants out of the country than it cannot be the only measure. Drug trafficking and smuggling illegal immigrants are elusive businesses and if we care about upholding the law we must adopt to the methods of illegal activities.


I’m not in agreement with Trump. He is hurting the American people just to provide security that is not even useful. Immigrants are not more dangerous, and if you’re worried about drugs, it can easily come through Florida. It’s hurting so many people and helping so little.


My opinion is that some kind of compromise should be made between Trump and democrats, although that seems unlikely. The shutdown is hurting a lot of people, especially financially, and rather than to be selfish and push for their own goals, the government needs to take citizens into consideration and do anything possible to end the shutdown.


I think a wall is necessary.


In my opinion it’s a waste of money and there needs to be a discussion on a more effective solution. But for now take some kind of vote on the wall.


I think both sides need to compromise as soon as possible. Trump can have his wall, but the Democrats will have a major say in it’s construction. The longer the shut down goes on, the angeier people will get, as well as impatient.


I don’t think Trump’s wall is a terrible idea, but i feel he could handle the making of a deal without a government shutdown. The wall shouldn’t have an effect on workers in America.


Legal immigration proves for the multiethnic culture that continues to allow America to thrive. Illegal immigration, however, is a ghastly practice that has proven detrimental to our nation as a whole. The border should be secured.


How many more caravans have to storm the border, how many more innocent people have to be murdered by illegals and how many more drugs have to pour into our country until Democrats realize that there is a real problem? They used to support border security but now that Trump does, they oppose it. They say the shutdown is Trump’s fault but Obama did the same thing in 2013 for Obamacare and Republican were still blamed. All the Democrats care about now is resistance. Will they ever be productive?


Normally I believe in the idea that Trump is a president for the people, but this government shutdown shows the complete opposite. I support the building of the wall but to possibly affect millions of Americans livelihood and income is unfair our border security is a joke and if Trump plans to withhold millions of tax returns to get funding, it’s smart but inconsiderate.


The government shutdown is uncalled for. Innocent families are suffering from lack of a paycheck all for Trump to keep suffering immigrants out. Although the wall itself is entirely irrational and going against the liberty America represents, the government shutdown is destroying and disrupting American lives.


Honestly don’t know too much about this topic, but I just think the “precautions” Trump wants to make are unnecessary. There is always going to be someone smarter who’s an immigrant, and Trump can’t always do what’s needed. Situation could’ve been handled less controversially.


The government shutdown should end for a few reasons. First, our country can’t function correctly without crucial areas inactive. Also, the purpose for which the government is shutdown is not valid. Building a physical to protect our borders is a very old world idea, and doesn’t make much sense here in 2019.


I think that the government shutdown is a plain result of an ideological stalemate. Both sides refused to compromise has led to thousands of families that live paycheck to paycheck that are no longer able to pay for basic necessities. I also think that Trump’s wall would do little to halt the flow of illegal immigration- if people want to cross the border, they will find a way.

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The Voyager staff comments on the conflict with the border wall