thank u, next: Album Review

thank u, next: Album Review

  Ariana Grande has taken over the world this year. Her songs remain unmovable on the charts and she has now has the most followers on Instagram. She has released now two albums this year, both written in very different times of her life. This album is categorically the best album Ariana has ever released. It is the most in touch with her emotions that her music has ever been, and this is truly what makes it great. Ariana truly comes into her own on this album. If you consider yourself a fan of her, you definitely have listened to “Thank u, Next.”  


 Imagine: When “Imagine” first came out. It was very different from anything else Ariana has ever done and most fans didn’t know how to feel about it. Now after listening to the entire album, it fits right in. It is simple and very vocal-dependent and very vibe-y. It involves the high note (one of the only on the album). It is a perfect opening song, welcoming listeners with warm arms.


 Needy: “Needy” is a very simple track, however, the lyrics are like a punch to the face, this song focuses on self-awareness and admitting to your flaws. The pre released snippets on Instagram and Twitter were hyped up a lot and most found the song to be a tad bit disappointing. It is SO short (or atleast feels like it). It does not have very powerful vocals like most followers of Ariana are used to, but most of the album doesn’t.


 NASA: “NASA” was another very hyped up song before the album even dropped, despite never knowing what is sounded like. With that being said, once it came out, a lot of people were disappointed in it. But despite most, it is a good song. The verses and the sound of it are great, and the chorus is pure bubblegum pop. But it gives it a certain sweetness and the play on words (orbit, stars, gravity, etc.) paints a very clear picture. It’s hard not to imagine Ariana just hula-hooping in the God Is A Woman music video. It’s definitely a song that takes a few listens.


 Bloodline: “Bloodline” is blatantly badass. It is ridiculously catchy and pumped with pure attitude and is the most upbeat song on her album. Offering many different songs within it. It makes the listeners curious for what song is going to be next and it doesn’t disappoint. This one seemed quite short as well, which could be a good thing. There needs to be a dance routine ASAP.


 Fake Smile: “Fake Smile” is a favorite to many, starting positive, the lyrics are very eye-opening, Ariana really opened up with these lyrics and gave an insight into her life and what isn’t so great within it. This topic is very different from most of her songs, which are about relationships, and there’s nothing not to love. HOWEVER, the verses and the chorus do not go together.  It sounds like two different songs. The verses sound like early Rihanna, but the chorus suddenly does an entire 360 and changes the entire vibe of the song before going back to an edgy and rebellious sound.


 Bad Idea: For some odd reason, “Bad Idea” has a “camp rock” sound to it. Lucky for Ariana, everyone loves Camp Rock. This song has a beautiful harmony-fueled instrumental in the middle of the track that transports you to the heavens before she hits a goosebump-raising high note and slams you down to hell. Except hell sounds like heaven. But less angel-like. This song has a PROPER outro with at least 45 seconds of pure beat, easing you out of the greatness you just listened to.


 Make Up: “Make Up” is definitely a song that has to grow on you. It’s very sweet-sounding and it sounds like it was produced in a Barbie house. However, the lyrics sound like it was produced in somewhere completely different than church. These lyrics are not PG and miss Ariana Grande does not hold back. That’s respectable. She is no longer the girl who works for Nickelodeon. The vocals are simple and not overdone and the beat is very mellow and chilled out. Ariana probably listens to this song at home with a glass of champagne in her hand wearing an expensive sparkled robe.

Ghostin: Phew. This song is SAD. It is not the kind of sad song that is emotional simply because of the mediocre piano and voice cracks. “Ghostin” does not SOUND sad. The thing is, it sounds magical and dreamy. Like you’re floating on a cloud. The sadness comes in when you listen to the lyrics. Most fans who follow her personal life know what this song is about, and listening to her be so vulnerable and open about this makes the song absolutely gut-wrenching. Listeners can tell that this song came from a very deep, very honest place at a very dark time.


 In My Head: In my head is very reminiscent of the “Dangerous Woman” album, yet it still sounds fresh and new. This is another song that is VERY obvious who she is talking about. “In My Head” has a nostalgia to it that is hard to put a finger on, a certain sadness that just barely touches the surface of the song. It is just enough to think, “oh my god, wait-.” A lot of people can relate to this song and it doesn’t just apply to relationships. A lot of friendships can relate to this.


 7 Rings: “7 Rings” is definitely the most different thing she has EVER done. Ariana tried something new and it paid off. The meaning of it is something unique to Ariana, not often talking about money like she is on this track and it’s amazing that she’s acknowledging how successful she is. Just like rappers do, despite those attacking her for it. She really showed off her versatility in this song and just how far her talents stretch. However, this song, has limited replay value. After so many listens, you get sick of it (and quickly). This doesn’t make it a bad song, though, it is definitely still very good and pretty monumental for Ariana. I think this song might have done well on Sweetner, anyone else?


 Thank u, Next: The beginning of an era. This song has brought a lot of popularity to Ariana despite not being very special vocally, this song was the first of this album to be heard (rightfully so) and it sums up the entire album pretty damn well. The lyrics are what make this song popular and beautiful as it is. While the chorus could have been spruced up a bit, her honesty and her vow to self-love, and love in general, is truly empowering and has made this song, this album, and Ariana Grande, what/who they are.


 Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored: Are we going to address the beat? Yes we are. It smacks, plain and simple. A lot of people are popping off about the meaning of the song, however, Ariana herself said it was just a fun song. Which you can feel radiating in the beat and the lyrics. During AJAY’s reaction to this song on Youtube, she said that she thinks Ariana is singing about her soulmate who she hasn’t met yet and she’s basically saying, “break up with your girlfriend because i need our paths to cross NOW.” This song is a great closing to an amazing album.


 Final Thoughts: This album is pure art and the best thing from Ariana in a while. This album was highly anticipated and Ariana Grande did not disappoint. “Sweetener” was released only 6 months ago, but Ariana has grown so much as a person and as an artist in such a little time, and this album is proof of it. It is different, fresh, and sonically stunning with unbelievable replay value. Miss Ariana Grande: did THAT.