The Umbrella Academy excites audiences

The Umbrella Academy excites audiences

  Netflix is the home of many quirky titles, from Stranger Things to Fuller House, but the latest addition to Netflix Originals may top it all; The Umbrella Academy.

  If the name isn’t wild enough, try the fact that it is based off of comics written by the lead singer of the Emo band, My Chemical Romance. Still not crazy enough? One character is a drug addict that communicates with ghosts, another is a talking monkey.

  The basis of the show is that on October 1st, 1989, children were born all over the world in a strange way: their mothers weren’t pregnant. An extremely wealthy man is able to adopt the children who come from unlikely circumstances, finding they have unique abilities. Essentially, he trains them to be superheroes.

  Except Vanya, the one without a power.

  When their famous father passes away, the group meets back up at their childhood home after years of separation, opening up many questions about his death, the disappearance of one of their siblings, and eventually the impending apocalypse.

  This show is not short of comedic relief, between character Klaus getting into trouble and Number Five’s love for a store mannequin named Delores. There’s something for everyone in the show, action, comedy, romance, mystery, and more.

  It’s fast paced approach seems daunting to the viewer, but it’s really a way to get people who watch to only pick up on the Easter eggs they want you to see. Gerard Way, creator and frontman of My Chemical Romance, plants tribes to his former band and other comics he has worked on while also hinting at what may come in future seasons.

  The star studded cast and hard working crew put together a show that can only be described as uniquely entertaining. Furthermore, if anyone is found scrolling through the Netflix homepage and looking for their next television obsession,  The Umbrella Academy is the show to watch.