Influencers with a real influence

Unlike Kim Kardashian, Nina Demont, only 16 and from New Zealand, is using her influence for change.


Nina Demont

A mass shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand occurred on March 15, 2019. 50 people were killed and 50 were injured in this shooting.

  This shooting has caused an uproar in the New Zealand community. Non-muslims and muslims alike did whatever they could to help support those who fell victim to the shooting. Many women wore traditional muslim headscarves to show their condolences and tons of people spoke out about the ignorance of islamophobia.

  Nina Demont, a 16 year old makeup influencer based in New Zealand, joined in to support those affected by the tragedy. In learning about the attack she knew that “some people were going to be really affected by the terrorist attack and we as a nation should do what we can to help those people through this.” She started painting signs with supportive messages and placing them at train stations all around New Zealand. Demont started this effort with the goal that “someone who is struggling through this, sees it and knows that we are supporting them which hopefully gives them hope of their safety in the future.”

  Demont’s 194,000 followers saw her effort to raise awareness and followed her. Many of her followers in New Zealand decided to also make signs to support the community. Her followers were able to spread these posters all around the country.

   This is not Demont’s first stint as an activist. She has also participated in a rally to protest climate change and encouraged her followers to do the same. She also made signs for this which said “buss down climate change” (a reference to a popular song) and “stop denying the Earth is dying.”

  Demont shows that influencers do have an influence to their specific field and to society as a whole. Although she is young, she has helped to spread love and support throughout the country. 16 year olds feel that, since they are young, they have no influence. However, with a dream and a couple supporters, you can make a difference.