On My Block Season Two Review

      “On My Block” Season 2 has been out for a few weeks and fans have a lot to say. Season 1 laid down a good foundation for its audience, while Season 2 made the mistake of ignoring it. The producers, writers, and actors pulled the entire plot from under the audience’s feet to remind us all exactly why we watched in the first place.

The Season 2 premiere had all of its viewers excited, nervous, laughing, and even crying. Cliffhangers at the end of most episodes and the season one finale kept “One My Block” fans interested, on edge for what they were able to see, and interested even with the constant sleep deprivation after binge watching the entire new season.

      Since season one ended with the death of a loved main character, and one character injured, we find Ruby healing because of Olivia’s death. At first he is in a state of confusion with his entire life. This includes the constant fear of gangs, his friends, and struggling to find a good way to overcome his grief without hurting his loved ones. Season 2 had no difficulty in creating new plot lines. It did not ignore the actual issues with pointlessness and extra fluff in the episodes.

      The producers didn’t make unnecessary arguments  by creating false hate between the characters. They also didn’t drag out the aspect of blaming Ceasar for everything that happened or making hateful tension between him and Ruby. If anything, the bond between Ruby and Ceasar grew during both their times of sadness.

      Jamal found the rollerworld money and was literally rolling in it. Hel struggled to fight for his limelight throughout this season, to be seen, and to be respected by his friends, and surprisingly the viewers. Jamal is never caught lacking and is alway fast to remind his friends of the hard work he puts in for them. He continues to hope each time he does something amazing that they won’t forget it, and of course he flexed his funny personality in every good and bad situation.

      Jazmin was also put in the spotlight during this season. From season one to two, Jazmin is transformed into a better character. She continued to love herself and the squad no matter the situation and continued to stay unapologetically true to herself. Those who had the patience to see exactly who she was weren’t disappointed, and grew to love her and the backstory she was given.

       Monse continues growing as a young teenager in a bad situation and tries to find the positive in bad situations. One of them being a relationship with the mother who abandoned her.  This is something she struggles with a lot during Season 2. The bond between them is important to her and she’ll do anything to make it grow more deeply, but on the other hand she has this gut feeling that she might have to leave when things gets too uncomfortable. No matter what Monse is put through, or where she is told to go, Monse knows her friends and family will be waiting for her when she gets back.

      Cesar has to deal with an unsettled feeling of being alone this entire season. In many ways, he is not built out to live the life his brother does. We see him get called a coward for not being about that life, which does take some emotional strain on him considering it’s being said by his own blood. We see his constant struggle over gang wars and money. Nonetheless we see how much Ceasar is willing to do for the concept of family.

      This whole season was about being willing to sacrifice and to be willing to be selfless for those you love. This concept of sacrifice and selflessness gravitates the watchers into wanting to watch the show and feel a connection with at least one of the characters.