Tyler The Creator’s “IGOR” Album Review

IGOR is possibly Tyler the Creators best work so far. From the vocals, to the instruments, he has been able to come far from silly songs he has released to these beautiful works of music. He is able to create and sing amazing sounds and beats that blow you away, plus the samples he adds from other music and makes it his own. This album has not stopped playing, everytime you listen it just gets better and better and you can always find new thing to obsess over.  The production is so powerful, he knows how to perfect grab the 80’s phase, and the first three tracks are bliss at it’s smoothest.

   EARFQUAKE: This song is about how Tyler feels about his love, how he cannot do anything without his love, and he desperately begs for the person to stay with him. Otherwise, his heart will break. Through being transparent about the limits of his talents, his simple love letter lyrics are taken more sincere than basic. This is one of the more well thought-out tracks on IGOR with its catchy hook and a fantastic Playboi Carti feature.

   I THINK: On this song, Tyler feels like he has fallen in love and this time it is the real deal. However, he is unsure how to make his feeling knows to his significant other. Tyler leaves a hint of the sex/gender of his lover on this song. This wasn’t the best song on the album, it had a pretty empty pop ballad that feels a little detached and immature, especially with the constant words repeated in the background. It sounds like an early 2000’s pop-r&b song that isn’t for everyone.

   RUNNING OUT OF TIME: Tyler feels like he is running out of time to make his lover love him back. He tells him to love him back, to love living in pretence. Yet another showcase of Tyler’s production ability, this song is a stream of consciousness displaying how Tyler’s brain works. It shows how well he crafts his instruments and beats, not to mention the shining lyrics moments from Tyler and Frank Ocean.

NEW MAGIC WAND: This might be one of the best songs on the album. It’s easy to feel and connect with what he is feeling through this song. It’s a very emotional track and its bass and lyrics are to die for. After listening to the album consistently, this takes up a place on the top three favorite songs. This song has a stunning way of portraying conflicted emotions and how we are able to move forward even in our darkest moments. It’s supported largely by A$AP Rocky’s ad-libbing, the fantastic hook of “please don’t leave me now,” and the final verse hold this song up.

    A BOY IS A GUN: Lyricism, lyricism, lyricism. Tyler beautifully compares the love he has for his lover to the love gun owners have for their guns. He is aware that loving this person is dangerous and unhealthy, just as it would feel owning a gun. Nonetheless, he feels safer when he is by the side of him. This song could easily be placed on any of his past albums,  though it still feels fresh. These are some of the most clever lyrics Tyler has ever created.

    PUPPET: While Kanye has had more issues than qualities in his recent years, it’s good to hear him on this song, while some think he just offered a lack-luster feature. The concept of being someone else’s puppet in a romantic relationship is interesting, it feels a little detached. The song feels bored of itself, like Tyler is zoning out while he raps. The interesting beat switch at the outro might be enough to save “PUPPET” from itself.

    WHAT’S GOOD?: From the clear changes in the song from verse to chorus to bridge, and the massive, perfect beat switch, this song is incredible. It’s balanced with good lyrics, yet allows the beat to breathe and hit as intended. There’s a part 2 departure from the first portion of “WHAT’S GOOD,” and it carries weight exactly as it should. It brings new flavor, and the outro, wow. It is another seamless, meaningful change.

    GONE, GONE / THANK YOU: There isn’t exactly anything bad about this track, it is just difficult to click with anything but the third verse of “GONE, GONE.” It drags on, and could’ve been better if had a more simple approach. In this song, less would’ve been more. The tenth track of IGOR, and the longest track, falls flat.

   I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE: This song is in the same category of a breakup song, which is well produced, straightword with its message, and knows how to deliver a strong hook. It has a very snappy production and a well-made verse. It can easily be compared to his breakup song IFHY, a song from Wolf.

   ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?: The ballad approach unfortunately feels empty, despite the loud synths featured on the track. It works as a nice follow up to “I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE,” but fails to capture the same emotion and connection.

Final words, this a love album and it is amazing. IGOR is a representation of Tyler and his evolution as an artist. Each track evokes its own mood, brings on it’s own ideas, and invites you to sink into the complicated yet intricate production of each song and story.