Sami’s “Frank” Advice

Sami Frankel

Sami Frankel

Q: How do I decide which college is for me?

A: The best thing you can do is find somewhere to start. Play around on Naviance and see what looks interesting to you. From there, I would make a list of characteristics about each school that is important to you (Big vs small, public vs private, class size, party scene, etc.) and schools you are interested in that check off most of those traits. Then talk to your guidance counselor and parents for a second opinion, and if you have the opportunity, go travel and visit the school in person.


Q: As a senior graduating from high school very soon, how do you think I should prep myself for college/other academic environments in the future?

A: There are a million different ways you could prepare yourself for college and future academic environments, however my recommendation would be to relax this summer. You’ve been learning for twelve years and are getting ready to pursue four more years of education, so take a moment. This doesn’t mean sit in your bed and watch Netflix all summer, pursue something fun that relates to your major or enjoy all the time you can with your family!


Q: What do I get my boyfriend for our one year without spending money? -Broke Junior

A: You don’t have to spend money to make a one-year anniversary gift special! Thoughtful gifts, such as Open When letters or Reasons Why I… booklets, are great for a one-year anniversary! If you need more idea, try looking on pinterest for an endless amount of creative ideas!


Q: I want to explore and adventure but for some reason I fear my parents opinion and let that hold me back. How do I just do what I want fearlessly?

A: Almost every young adult struggles leaving their parents grasp at some point, so you are definitely not alone. If you really are mature enough to explore and adventure by yourself, then the best way to get through to them is to sit them down and have a mature conversation. Think about why you want to adventure, what you would do, and most importantly: address any possible reservations your parents may have about what it is you want to pursue.


Q: I am always tired but don’t have the time to go to bed earlier. What can I do to be more energetic throughout the day?

A: Power naps are key! When you go to take a break, instead of going on your phone, set a timer for twenty minutes. A short nap is proven to recharge your energy to keep you alert and refreshed for the rest of the day. Also, make sure you are eating healthy, nutrient-rich foods on a regular basis to give your body the energy it needs.