Supernatural season finale surprises dedicated audience

Supernatural season finale surprises dedicated audience

The season 14 finale of Supernatural premiered on Thursday, April 15, 2019. The episode is named “Moriah” after the mountain where Abraham attempted the sacrifice of his son Isaac as a test from God in the Bible. This alluded to the return of God, known as Chuck, to the TV show and the classic sacrifice of Isaac.

  The episode begins where the cliffhanger of the previous episode ended—with Jack escaping the box that could supposedly hold an archangel.

  Jack knocks down Sam, Dean, and Castiel and escapes the bunker. He goes out into the streets and hears everyone lying, so he screams “stop lying” and then lying became impossible.

  This was a big problem for Sam and Dean, because they could not use their fake FBI badges to get into a company that advanced facial recognition in order to find Jack. However, because no one can lie, chaos ensues and Sam and Dean are able to sneak in.

  Meanwhile, Castiel in an attempt to go to hell and look at Lucifer’s cage, finds that Chuck has returned to Earth. Castiel is shocked by the sudden appearance of a distant God, but is reminded that he previously attempted to call Chuck.

  Chuck takes Castiel to Sam and Dean and then takes all of them back to the bunker. He erases what Jack had done as if it never happened. Chuck explains that the only way to stop Jack is to kill him with a gun that will hurt the person shot at as well as the person holding the gun. So if any of them kill Jack, they would also be killing themselves.

  Meanwhile, Jack goes to visit his grandmother and almost kills her, but he stops himself and meets up with Castiel in the graveyard where his mother was buried. Sam talks with God about how there has to be another way, while Dean sneaks out to go kill Jack and inevitably himself.

  Sam leaves to stop Dean and finds Jack kneeling on the ground accepting his fate. Chuck arrives and attempts to convince Dean to kill Jack saying it is the classic Abraham (Dean) and Isaac (Jack) sacrifice. But Dean says no, he refuses to do what Chuck wants anymore.

  In doing so, Chuck gets angry and says “Have it your way” and snaps, which kills Jack, contrary to what he had previously said about the gun being the only weapon to kill Jack.

  Then Sam shoots Chuck with the gun, but only injures himself. So Chuck says, “Fine. That’s the way you want it. Shows over. Welcome to the end.” And everything goes dark.

  Billie (Death) finds Jack in the Empty and tells him that they need to talk.

  Demons and ghosts and zombies and souls rise up from Hell and the grave.

  There is a flash to the woman in white, the first hunt in the first episode of the series, to show that the series had come full circle. There are also flashes to other old episodes of the show, like Pogo the Clown and Mary Worthington aka Bloody Mary. The episode and season ends with Sam, Dean, and Castiel grabbing weapons as they are attacked by the zombie-like creatures who rose up from the grave.