Gun laws: America’s biggest frustration

It’s a deadly rinse and repeat cycle that only harms our country

 After school, you sit back and relax on the couch and turn on the news and it happens again. Another person invaded a mall or place of worship and used an AK-47 to fatally shoot dozens of innocent people.

After watching, you think, man, these shooting have got to stop

  But the next morning, when you wake up to get ready for another day of English or Algebra, the news from yesterday afternoon slips from your mind and you go on with your day.

  Sadly, it’s not just you who forgets about preventing shootings, it’s the whole nation.

  There’s a distinct process that occurs after the United States experiences a shooting within their borders. First, the tragic event occurs and people die. The internet blows up with headlines of the shooting, who died, and who was behind the massacre. 

  Next, people on social media start to argue for stricter gun laws to stop something like this from happening again. Relatives of the victims appear on the biggest news channels to mourn their family members and to cause the viewers to want to do anything they can to adopt gun violence

  Then, after a couple works, for some reason, people stop talking and writing about gun violence in America. The news goes back to the latest thing the president did that day or how a family adopted a stray puppy found on the street.

  It’s a deadly rinse and repeat cycle that only harms our country.

  According to a report by Giffords Law Center, 1.2 million people in the United States have been shot in the last decade. In one year, on average, thirty six thousand people die by a gun. It was shown that fewer people in states with stronger gun laws die than people in states with weaker gun laws.

  That has to change. Every state should have strict gun laws. I am getting tired of nothing happening after a shooting happening after seeing it be talked about for weeks. One day gun violence is the hottest topic in the nation and the next day, the news is back to the latest scandal in politics. 

  It’s ridiculous that even with all of the shootings that have happened in the last couple of years, gun violence still occurs and isn’t prevented. Innocent people die without stricter gun laws, leaving behind two baby children or two loving parents. If gun laws were stricter, these people wouldn’t die and families wouldn’t be wrecked.

  I can only hope that other people, specifically the ones in power, can see how detrimental gun violence is to our country. It is extremely frustrating to keep seeing another shooting in the news. Something needs to happen soon or the future of America will look bleak.