Stop the posts about self-hating

I never really realized how much validation and assurance we look for on social media, and even in
real life, until I spent a few hours off my phone during school and went back on Snapchat to see tons of
beautiful people talking about how they’ve lost so many friends this summer, that they didn’t like how
they looked on the first day, that they “glowed” down since last year, and that they aren’t smart enough to
take honors classes. Post after post of hate on themselves.

I’ve never seen myself as the type of person to seek attention or compliments, especially through a
phone screen. If anything I’d feel bad reading these types of comments because I’d see the people posting
them and never think that way about them. I doubt anyone would. If anything, they are the only real ones
who pick up on those details and “flaws” they think they have.

“No, I don’t need compliments or validation from anyone online,” I say as I spend hours refreshing
my social media timeline to see if any random online strangers wrote a comment on my first day of school

I guess we all feel this way at one point or another. And I’ve come to realize that not all validation is
bad, but only if you give yourself it first.

Being able to realize your good characteristics and feature isn’t something that should make you seem
narcissistic. You should be able to feel happiness for yourself when you make accomplishments, and not
rely on others so often. If you keep forgetting to congratulate yourself and give yourself the love you
deserve, this was just result in needing it more from other people.

Before looking for validation from other people I feel like we all need to ask ourselves what we want
to hear and tell it to ourselves.

Make positive comments about yourself, and let them be real. You owe yourself to be the person you
are working or seeking to be, and find that self validation you want. Your validation is not dependent on
other people’s perception of you.

And I don’t know, I might not be able to also do this but today I realized I actually really like myself. I
make jokes about being ugly and annoying quite often but I know I’m not perfect, but that doesn’t mean I
don’t like who I am. I really hope that everyone comes to the realization that they are enough and
beautiful and just amazing.