People to People; A to Z; we are all here, so let’s get along

What is on my mind? When did the anti-bullying movement stop, and why hasn’t it started back up? It’s not just the “nerds” getting bullied anymore. Everyone is bullying everyone. 

  The source of bullying is a chain reaction of people protecting their insecurities, and looking to impress whoever is above them. Person B thinks that Person A is so cool and wants to be just like them. In order to get their attention, they want to make Person A laugh, so they pick on Person C. Person A and Person B have a bond now, by laughing at Person C’s pain. Person B feels secure now, but Person C doesn’t want to be left out, so they go to say something even worse to Person D, and so on and so forth. Because that team of power builds as the chain of bullying grows, it will never stop. What if the meaning of security was to be able to feel yourself as an equal from the start? What if Person B never said anything to Person C. 

  This didn’t just start with Person B, however. Person B needs to feel like an equal to Person A, because Person A thinks he is better than everyone. Hostility in man is strongest when they believe there is a higher power amongst them all. That “higher power” isn’t higher at all. Because Person A is 6’4, and Captain of the football team, and dates the hottest girl in school, does that automatically make him better than Person W, who just won a national math competition, and instead of going out and drinking for the weekend, spends his time studying so he can get into Harvard? Now because Person W goes to Harvard, does that make Person Z a worse person because they’re not going to college? Person Z is “chill” but antisocial and has anxiety. Person Z is addicted to nicotine and puts his headphones in everywhere he goes to avoid talking to anyone. Person Z’s best friend is his girlfriend. Person Z is an Option 2 student, and spends half of his day working for a construction company. 

  To the world, Person A is better because of his status, but who’s to say that what Person A has is better than what Person Z has. Who’s to say what anyone has is better than anyone? 

  I like to see all walks of life. I play Lacrosse and do the Spring Musical. I’m in student government, and I workout with a weight trainer on the daily. My playlist ranges from The Beatles to Gunna. Does me indulging myself in every different part of life make me better than anyone else? No. Nothing makes anyone better. 

  Next time you catch yourself making fun of that weird couple cuddling and kissing in the lunch room, just don’t say anything. They’re happy, and although that’s not your wave, don’t jeopardize their happiness to feel better about yourself. Is anyone hurting you if you don’t say anything at all?