NBA 2K20, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Lakers new star, Anthony Davis, highlights NBA2K20's cover

Lakers new star, Anthony Davis, highlights NBA2K20’s cover

  NBA 2K is the most popular basketball video game in the world but is it deserving of this title? Every year when the game first releases, it is full of glitches and almost feels unfinished. 

  This year was no different. 

  The launch for NBA 2K20 was one of the most problematic in its history. The consensus from the players was that the game simply was not finished. Many people did not see a huge difference between NBA 2K19 and NBA 2K20 and were disappointed that the latter didn’t live up to the hype.

  During the launch week of the game #FireRonnie2K was trending on twitter. Ronnie2K, the game’s social media manager, had promised many things going into the game, but none of them ended up in the final product. These tweets did eventually cool down and less people because a numerous amount of updates have helped fix the game.

  Since these updates, the game finally does feel complete.

   The game has a lot to offer as far as things to do. There are countless modes in the game to play, including, MyCareer, MyPark, and MyTeam. 

  MyTeam is a basketball card collectors dream. In this mode, a player can collect cards from the NBA’s present and past and assemble the best possible team they can. They could have a player from the 60’s such as Bill Russell or a star from today’s game like Stephen Curry.

   However, a number of glitches has kept the MyTeam mode from reaching its full potential, like how one of them won’t let a user access the the mode. Glitches aside, MyTeam is actually a really great mode and should return to that once the bugs are fixed.

  MyCareer is a gamemode where you build your own highly customizable player and eventually rise up to NBA stardom. To add to this there is a storyline attached to it with appearances from actors and actresses such as, Idris Elba, Thomas Middleditch, Rosario Dawson, Ernie Hudson, and many more. Overall the MyCareer in this year’s game was very well done and has only improved from last year.

  Arguably, the most popular gamemode and probably most problematic, is MyPark. In this gamemode you can use the player that you make from MyCareer and play in the illustrious “Neighborhood.” In the Neighborhood you can play with your friends, get loaded up on outfits from the games virtual shops, or do drills to improve your player. A downside of this mode are that the courts are the same as last year’s

  Besides the clear laziness and deceit, the gameplay feels fresh. It’s something much different than NBA 2K19 and it feels like an improvement. Obviously there’s going to be glitches, but they are being resolved everyday and the game is only getting better.

  Overall NBA 2K20 is a solid game. It’s better than some of the recent games in the series such as NBA 2K19 and 18 but doesn’t have the same enjoyment of the older games such as NBA 2K17, 16, and 15. This game does feel like a step in the right direction. The past two years have not been good for the franchise and it finally feels like the franchise is moving forward with game progression.