Chaos Walking is the Definition of Creativity

Imagine if everyone around you was able to see, and read your thoughts every single second of your life. Privacy would not be something outside of your control. 

  This concept, created by Patrick Ness, can be seen through his novel, The Knife of Letting Go. The first book of the Chaos Walking Trilogy, follows 13 year old Todd Hewitt in a dystopian world where privacy does not exist. 

  Let’s look at how this happened. After Earth began to die because of human impact, no surprise there, humanity had to find another habitable planet to survive. They simply named that planet, New World. All living creatures on that planet are able to see, hear, and experience each other’s thoughts, called Noise. 

  The world that Todd knows is solely male-based; all females had been wiped off due to disease years ago. He grew up in a household of two men, and honed his skills as a farmer in a small town called Prentisstown. 

  So you could imagine his surprise when he happened to meet the very first girl he’s ever seen in a remote forest near town. She goes by the name of Viola, and is similar in age to Todd. While males are cursed with the Noise germ, females are immune to it, making their thoughts private. 

   Todd and Viola soon escape New World and adventure into the unknown to reach a sanctuary known as Haven.

  Because this is merely the first book of the Chaos Walking trilogy, many mysteries go unsolved, and the plot is only just beginning. Patrick Ness’s extraordinary writing displays humor, drama, and emotion in everything the characters go through. 

  Dystopian fans will love this book. If you enjoyed The Knife Of Never Letting Go, don’t forget to dive into the next two books of the trilogy: The Ask & The Answer and Monsters of Men.

  And if you finish the last book wanting more of Chaos Walking, you’re in luck! Chaos Walking is currently in the works of becoming an official movie. Set to premiere in 2020-2021, you’ll be able to see the action of Todd and Viola on the big screen.