Deep in the Pocket with Eastern Girls Soccer

The sports writers of The Voyager sat down during lunch to interview seniors Kelli McGroarty and Sara Brocious, and junior Riley Tiernan. The team is ranked nationally.


Andrew Shinkle '22

EGS takes command of the field.

AA: This is a question for any of you guys. Obviously, you won your first state title last year in twelve years. What was the feeling like when that final whistle sounded? 

KMG: The rush kinda came a  little bit before, because we had a throw-in. I remember Riley looking at me and saying, “Throw it here! I’m gonna do this,” and I was kinda like “Dude, we won;  there’s only ten seconds left and we have the ball.” Knowing that after working so hard and being the first team to start during preseason and having all our hard work finally pay off was just a feeling that you can’t describe. 


ASh: How do you best prepare for a game? Any pregame routines?

SB: Personally, I don’t believe in superstition, so I think it’s a very false idea. So, I honestly just get prepared to play and get that competitive edge because I know that every game is a challenge, especially at Eastern because everyone wants to beat us, so I don’t really have a set routine. Where I am mentally needs to be on the ball.

KMG: I am very superstitious. I have a certain routine I must do, certain things that need to happen, and when all of that comes together, then I am mentally ready. But, if one thing did not go, I don’t think it would affect me, but I definitely would not be happy about it. 


JL: Who would you say are your favorite players to watch?

SB: Lionel Messi is the best player that has ever played the game and probably will play the game. I like Kevin de Bruyne from Manchester City, I like Mane from Liverpool, obviously, I think one of the best outside backs is Marcelo from Real Madrid.

KMG: My favorite players are all retired. I liked watching Abby Wambach because of her toughness, and her being a header, that was where she was most dominant. And then, Mia Hamm because she’s the goat. And I like watching Tobin Heath play because she’s tough and she’s got the technical ability, but I like watching the US Women’s Team play more than the men’s. 

RT: Definitely Messi. I like the way he plays, and I try to mirror him. He’s very good at dribbling, and he’s smart and not selfish, but he has an equal balance and he’s a very good player overall. 


JL: Who would you say is an unsung hero on the team? Someone who flies under the radar performance-wise?

KMG: Yes, there’s a few. I think Chloe Ludwick, not having played soccer for the past two years and all of a sudden starting varsity as a center back on the number one team in the nation is very awesome, and also Bro [Brocious] next to her cleaning up everything; I feel she gets overlooked sometimes due to how great she is. Obviously I feel Emily Stewart has been doing a great job in the back, and then [Emily] Eustace has stepped up her game.

RT: I would say definitely Sara, because she’s a center back and usually they don’t get as much credit as a forward or midfielder would because they don’t get the stats necessarily, but all the work she puts in and she’s always there, we take for granted sometimes because some things that she does so easily, not a lot of defenders can do. She makes it look easy. She just dribbles through everyone and she’s very humble. 

SB: I would say Emily Eustace. She’s improved a lot. I also think Klio Kokolis is good. She’s really fast and just great on the ball. 

KMG: And as a defender, she [Kokolis] doesn’t just kick it out of play, like kinda toe balling it. She just keeps it under control and can get it going forward. 


ASa: This is more of a serious question. Kara (Lemanowicz) obviously had a lot of influence on you guys, and I was wondering if you guys could talk about that. If you guys had anything to say to her, what would you say?

KMG: I’d tell her that I always play for her, because she was probably one of my best friends growing up. I remember we were hanging out one summer; obviously pre-season for them; and going to captains’ practices, and then just finding out she had passed away. I was just in shock for at least a month. I didn’t really feel depressed about it, I was just really shocked and confused. Most people die in old age, so you kinda know it’s coming and you can say goodbye. For her, it was so sudden. Knowing that she didn’t get to experience so many things in life, I try to put my best effort forward. I have a feeling of survivor’s guilt; I have to do my hardest in everything I do for her.