Ireland and Northern Ireland Hard Border/ Brexit

     The Irish border is causing controversy between Ireland and Brexit and experts suspect a no-deal. If Britain were to leave the European Union, the customs border between Northern Ireland, owned by the UK, would potentially need to be military and police ran. 

     Ireland’s government is stern on denying the revival of the hard border on the island and they are not satisfied with the power over them if the hard border would be reinstated. The people behind Brexit do not support the police and military ran border either, which would halt free travel between Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

    The hard border would also bring severe disruption in Ireland’s economy. Shanker Singham, who advises Brexit groups, sees the government’s plan as elegant. Others see the plan as inappropriate and the uproar of an angry and conflicting region. 

     Brexit is scheduled on October 31st to make a decision on the border, as of now the two sides fail to agree on the plan. Experts question how the people are going to recognize the legitimacy of the new system and how well they will comply to the new government plan. It tedious. With this new change, a lot of preparation will have to be made for ease and cooperation.

     Many fear the division of the U.K, as new disagreements have been breaking them apart like never before. The government feels the departure of Northern Ireland will occur within the next ten years, which would be the beginning of an end.